Facebook’s Libra Charter Signed by 21 Organizations during Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland

Facebook Libra coin

If you are into cryptocurrencies, the chances are that your newsfeed and timeline were flooded with the news of Facebook Libra coin, or the GlobalCoin. People all over the forums, podcasts, and social media spent a lot of time debating irately about the pros and cons. It has been called everything, ranging from a deliberate […]

Beyond Digital Transformation – How Industry 4.0 Impacts Customer Experience

Digital transformation integrates the technology within a business and aims to deliver more value to customers. Industry 4.0 digitalizes the manufacturing process. It connects machinery with the web (i.e., Internet) and a business’s management systems, which helps augment and automate a company’s entire production. Think of it as “smart” machines that can decide on their […]

Mobile App Development Lifecycle: 8 Steps to Understand It

Difference Between UI and UX

Since the time mobile technology has spread in the world, smartphones have become indispensable. They provide connections to loved ones, business applications, shopping opportunities, entertainment, and windows into a world of social media, education, news, history, and many other things. Moreover, the millions of apps available on the App Store of our device have made […]

ISO 9001 Standard Quality Framework and Their Benefits

ISO 9001 Standard Quality

Quality is what everybody needs, Quality is what everybody demands! Every business owner running a business online or offline aims to deliver what is in demand and quality is an evergrowing demand where no one wants to compromise over its traits. ISO (Indian Organization for Standardization) standards are accepted worldwide where many companies apply the […]

In What Ways Will Blockchain Technology Impact e-Commerce Industry?

The e-Commerce industry always finds itself in the process of evolution. Innovative technological trends with immense abilities deliver pool of opportunities to the ecommerce sector. It is a necessity. You could say, with high power comes more responsibility. The e-Commerce sector often finds itself on the wrong side of customers. Issues seem to be plaguing […]

5 Future Technologies That Will Be Mainstream by 2020

5 Future Technologies That Will Be Mainstream by 2020

Tech companies rang in the start of the new year by unveiling their ambitious plans. Startup and multiple companies are beginning to feel the ripple effects of innovation in the industry.  With the advancement of technology, every business organization becomes more intertwined every day. Some technology trends that fix out over time and gain grip […]

How is Cryptocurrency Redefining the Realm of E-commerce for the E-merchants in 2018?


E-commerce has changed the landscape of shopping for all internet users. You can buy anything from a pizza to a Porsche at the click of a button. Several software applications exist that make making payments for customers secure and fast. However, when it comes to security, nothing can match Cryptocurrencies. Several platforms including iOS and […]


Technology has proven itself how extremely it can be beneficial to humans over the years. This advancement in technological innovations has spread across all sectors of human lifestyle making unimaginable and impossible tasks facile. What Is Sporting Events Broadcasting? It is widely referred to as sportscast and is the process of broadcasting vast collection of […]

Advancing Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing Technology While Addressing the Continuing Environmental Challenges of Exhaust Gas Abatement

CS Clean Solutions

As our global appetite for all things high-tech increases with the latest mobile devices and gadgets as well as the ever-expanding server/cloud market, the need to produce these devices in higher volume factories along with specialty devices at small-scale facilities lends to new environmental challenges that face the device manufacturing industry. While the manufacturing of […]