How Nintendo Introduced the Game Boy, Tetris, and Pokémon to the West


The beginning of an era… Nintendo was killing it in the 80s. The NES had garnered over 28 million system sales worldwide and almost single-handedly revived the failing American video game market.  But Nintendo games  needed something else. They needed something new that could really expand the market, that could strengthen their arsenal and get […]

Technology Trends that Will Control Financial and Banking Applications

Technology Trends that Will Control Financial and Banking Applications - F450C

Technology continues to revolutionize industries. From the way we consume digital content to how we perform routine financial activities, technology has transformed everything. With increasing digitalization in the modern world, regular business communications are beginning to be more streamlined.  Banks and financial institutions have been employing the same age-old and relatively static business models in […]

Importance of Marketing Automation to Achieve Business Goals

marketing automation

Marketing automation is a mainstream of the digital transformation of all businesses. It increases operational efficiency and accelerates sales. This trend is the precursor of a digital revolution within the reach of SMEs. According to Grand View Research, marketing automation will be worth $ 7.63 billion by 2025. Because this coronavirus pandemic is forcing us […]

13 Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

benefits of using technology in the classroom

Several years ago, gadgets and technology were conceived as disturbances to learning. That’s why when you were still studying, you only got to play with your phone during the weekends, right? But nowadays, the tables have turned! Instead of a disturbance, technology can spark and aid  learning. 7 Benefits of Technology in Education 8 Benefits […]

What is Software Localization and why is it important for Global Companies

Software Localization

To reach potential customers in this era of digitalization, software localization is the need of an hour. Due to technological advancement and innovation, there is fierce competition in the market. Global companies require a localization strategy to compete in the globalized digital world. They are developing their software to be used inside and outside the […]

How you can use technology trees in marketing your business

How you can use technology trees in marketing your business

In today’s technology-infused era, technology and modern marketing go hand in hand. As a result of technology, businesses are inclining towards online marketing rather than offline marketing, to reach a  wider audience. Marketing your business without the use of technology such as social media, smartphones, internet, CMS systems, etc, is almost impossible in today’s world. […]

How To Make Internet Marketing Increase Your Gross sales – (Ultimate Guideline)

How To Make Internet Marketing Increase Your Gross sales (Ultimate Guideline)

Even the smallest enterprise can go worldwide with the assistance of web advertising and marketing. It’s a manner of opening your small business doorways to the world. You’ll be able to entice prospects from the 4 corners of the earth by clever web advertising and marketing. This text will help you to raised perceive how […]

Progressive Web Apps And The Changing Face Of The Mobile Experience

Progressive Web Apps

In the smartphone-dominated world, building a superior mobile experience is no longer a nice-to-have feature. With three billion smartphone users worldwide, businesses of all kinds have to adjust to the latest trends and mobile-friendly technologies, including Progressive Web Applications.  The PWA technology, introduced by Google in 2015, is likely to replace native apps in the […]

Let’s learn about some fundamental and principles of website designing that are visually appealing

Compartmentalize your plan by utilizing frameworks

Everybody and their granddad (and canine) appear to have made a site nowadays. The Web is becoming progressively busy steadily, with actually many sites being included as you read this article. It is getting increasingly hard to get saw among the majority. “Luckily” for us, fashioners, not every person appears to comprehend what represents the […]

Why Extended Reality Is Considered Beneficial For Employee Training

Why Extended Reality Is Considered Beneficial For Employee Training

Technologies have become an integral part of human lives in today’s world. With the advent of immersive technologies like Virtual, Augmented, Mixed and Extended Reality our lives have become more comfortable and easy. In fact, these technologies have not only brought the world closer but have also blended the virtual and physical environment for more […]

Top Trends of Mobile Application Development for Future


A way to go with mobile app development.  The mobile app enterprise has been reshaping the enterprise for years now. no matter the enterprise domain, each business enterprise wishes to integrate the ultra-modern mobile application development technologies to garner maximum growth and multiply the approach to attain the targeted audience.  According to professionals, the mobile […]