Even AI writing tool can shows more humanity than Zucks: Meta layoff employees

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Wednesday was a tough day for the social media giant Facebook. The company’s parent firm, Meta, announced that it would be laying off more than 11,000 employees. This move represents a 13 percent reduction in Meta’s workforce and extends a hiring freeze that had been in place since last quarter.

However, that is not our current focus.

Something amusing happened when a copywriter was using Jasper to re-write the news article we mentioned earlier about “Meta Lays Off More Than 11,000 Employees”.

And look what the AI wrote

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That’s the moment you realize Even AI writing tool can shows more humanity than Zucks!

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The news of Meta’s layoffs Spread rapidly when it was announced that more than 11,000 employees would be let go. This equated to 13% of its workforce being impacted by the cuts which were made across departments and regions. Some areas, like recruiting and business teams, lost more personnel than other parts of the company.

However, engineers working on projects related to the metaverse – an immersive online world that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has bet big on – were largely spared. In fact, two people with knowledge of the matter said that the divisions that weren’t cut as steeply included these engineers.

Many are wondering why Zuckerberg would make such a big bet on a virtual world when his company is currently going through a round of layoffs. Some are speculating that this move is a sign that Meta is pivoting away from its social media roots and into the metaverse. Only time will tell what comes next for Meta.