450mm Facilities & Infrastructure

EVOLUTION of the silicon wafer

As the Facilities 450mm Consortium members look to enable scaleable technology, independent of wafer size, it is important to remember how the semiconductor industry reached this point and what are the economic factors that drive such an evolution.

Mobile App Development Lifecycle: 8 Steps to Understand It

WORLD’S LEADING nanoelectronic facility companies

At the core of the Facilities 450mm Consortium are its members. The consortium comprises many of the world’s leading nanoelectronics facility companies, including Air Liquide, Busch, CH2M, CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS, Edwards, M+W Group, Pfeiffer Vacuum, Ovivo and Swagelok.

Mobile App Development Lifecycle: 8 Steps to Understand It

MEMBERS our organization’s pillars

The Facilities 450mm Consortium (F450C) is a first-of-its-kind partnership at SUNY Poly’s Albany site that is leading the global effort to design and build next-generation 450mm computer chip fabrication facilities.

Mobile App Development Lifecycle: 8 Steps to Understand It

Lastest Event

SEMICON China connects you to the world’s fastest-growing and most dynamic microelectronics market, and gives you the platform to showcase your products, technologies, and brand in front of the most qualified audience of industry professionals in China. Location Shanghai, China Dates 3/15 - 3/17/2016 Links http://www.semiconchina.org/

Mobile App Development Lifecycle: 8 Steps to Understand It

Tech in workplace – Smart Office Solutions to Make Your Office Smarter

The workplace environment is one of the most important things that influence optimism and help you to achieve your business objectives. A lackluster, opaque, and messy workplace creates confusion and delirium in our minds. Hence, it is important to maintain a certain level of quality at our office.

With the improving technology, there are a number of electronic gadgets, devices, and equipment that have streamlined the otherwise, manual operations. Now you have state-of-the-art air conditioners, humidifiers, and climate control systems that help you to maintain a healthy environment at your workplace. Besides, with the increase in smart systems, one can really transform their office into a hi-tech place where everything gets done with just a click of the button.

Business companies and conglomerates equip their offices with hi-tech gadgets to stay ahead of their competition. Likewise, many small companies have followed the trend and incorporated modern electronics to streamline their thought processes and brainstorming activities.

Automated equipment is not only efficient, but it also decreases the overall costs and improves the working environment of an office. Intrinsically, a smart office is a workplace that incorporates hi-tech equipment to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees. A plethora of mobile apps, wireless sensors, and beacons have allowed the employees to complete hectic tasks in a matter of minutes, providing them more time to focus and innovate new things.

Benefits of smart offices

Smart offices have become a hotshot term. More and more companies are adopting solutions to transform their work environment into a smart, interconnected and hi-tech domain. There are a number of distinct benefits of smart office products provided by the smart offices companies. Some of them are listed below:

Improved productivity

It has been seen in various research reports that companies that invest heavily in developing modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure benefit from increased outputs and overall growth. The use of hi-tech equipment is a novel way to boost up the level of creativity and innovation brimming at your workplace.

With the utilization of better equipment and devices, your business benefits from increased productivity. Even if your business is labor dependent, you will still need a considerable volume of data to create insights and important business strategies.

A smart office provides you with the leverage to use multiple monitoring, processing, and organizational sources and create insightful information for you. Such information is pivotal for the smooth running of operations.

Improved Employee Schedule Management

Smart office solutions simplify the process of managing and scheduling tasks to your employees. With the use of automated systems and devices, you can perform efficient business operations including the creation of accurate workers’ schedules.

With the increased connectivity, it also allows you to share documents, files, and increase collaboration among your employees.

Improved Communication

Quite often, lack of communication and poor information flow is the reason for poor performing organizations and businesses. Using hi-tech equipment and smart offices enable stability and streamlined communication within your organization. With the use of modern messaging apps, you can create separate groups for your employees and arrange the tasks in accordance with their skill-sets.

The smart office also integrates a number of different platforms that provide a hassle-free communication of different employees and workers within a firm. Such a streamlined communication capability increases the productivity and performance of a business organization.

Improved Work Environment

For every business to perform at the optimum level, its employees or workers need to be in a harmony. A peaceful and productive work environment proliferates high output and achievement of business objectives.

While employee absenteeism is considered as a curse for every organization. It drastically destroys the work culture and promotes the inability of the workforce to collectively complete their tasks. However, with the use of smart offices, a competitive and healthy work environment can be established.

It allows an integration of different components, systems, and devices together to effectively monitor and check the progress of each business objective properly.

Improved Employee Retention

Smart offices can help a company to establish a positive work culture and motivate your workforce. It doesn’t matter how talented or skilled your employees are. With the failure to connect them individually as a team, it becomes difficult to achieve your business targets within the set deadlines.

This can be attributed to the fact that smart office devices help you to improve the inter-communication and interaction between the employees. Moreover, within the hierarchy of your organization, it is important that the information flow from one department to the other is streamlined. Smart office solutions allow you to create a positive work culture that promotes harmony amongst your workforce and improves the overall employee retention of your company.


Time management is a quintessential element that determines the success or failure of any business. With the incorporation of hi-tech devices, you can create efficient plans and schedules to achieve your business targets on time. With the use of automatic schedulers, your employees can check their everyday tasks and monitor their progress in order to achieve the business goals on time.

Besides, every customer wants speedy work. Your clients won’t wait even if you had a solid reason for the delay in work. If you are unable to provide your services on time, your clients can work with your competitors. This can be consequential for your business. Hence, with the use of smart office solutions, you can eradicate this occurrence.

Smart office solutions enable people to communicate in an effective and efficient manner. For the companies, it has boosted output and enabled better tracking of tasks assigned to different workers. In this article, we will discuss the different equipment and gadgets that you can incorporate to transform your workplace into a smart office.

Belkin Instant Switch

The Belkin Instant Switch is an adept device that enables you to track the energy usage and diagnose various electronics from anywhere within your office. It allows you to turn on/off devices, fix schedules, and set reminders across different electronics. Further, it also keeps track of the different tasks assigned to different devices. Thus, notifying you whenever a task is complete. It’s large-scale connectivity and compatibility allows a seamless control through any Android device.

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print enables you to print easily from any location, just with a click of the button. Moreover, you can add any number of printers you want with your account. This enables you to use your office printer while you’re traveling abroad or to give the command to your home printer while holidaying in a distant location.

Kwikset Deadbolt

The Kwikset Deadbolt is a unique innovation that allows you to lock doors, and control them through Wi-Fi. The lock can also be accessed by any Android device. Hence, while you return home, you don’t have to ring the bell or require any key to open your door. It just gets done with a click of a button on your Android device.


Have you ever wished for a device that can remind you when to water your plants? Well, PlantLink is one such device that sends you customized messages reminding you of the plants that need watering. It provides a neat interface and the ability to create separate schedules for different plants in your garden.

Cubico 40 Self-Watering Planter

The Cubico 40 Self-Watering Planter takes watering solutions to another level. It is a device that automates the entire process of watering plants. It effectively waters your plant in an adequate manner. You just have to keep its reservoir full of water; rest, it will take care of all your plants.


Doorbot is a Wi-Fi enabled a device that lets monitor who is at your door before opening it. It has night vision capabilities that allow you to see anyone in the dark as well.


Twine is a device that lets you monitor your workplace environment and track any anomalies before they become bigger problems. The device lets you diagnose your air condition, thermostat, and various other parameters through its dedicated sensors. It is an effective device to check for any leaks, electric failures, short-circuits, opened doors, and security malfunction. It provides you with a one-stop solution to diagnose and check any equipment installed at your workplace.

Honeywell Comfort System

The Honeywell Comfort System is a programmable thermostat that lets you plan and schedule daily events, special occasions, and dates. It allows you a seamless control of the temperature of your office space, which you can access from anywhere on the planet.

Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is a hi-tech device that incorporates artificial intelligence to learn more about your preferences regarding different temperatures. By learning about your preferences, it automates temperature control as per your mood and behavior. Besides, it also provides a manual control to select the temperature of your liking, manually. Recently, the company has been acquired by Google and looks to take the world by a storm.


This distinguished device is a Wi-Fi enabled stereo system that can be easily installed at your workplace, gym or home. The device lets you connect with itself through your smartphone or a tablet device. It lets you create different playlists for different areas of your workplace. Thus, enabling you to customize your work environment adequately.

Philips Hue Lighting

The Philips Hue Lighting provides you with a number of lighting options for your home or workplace. Its massive capability can be attributed to the fact that it allows a simultaneous interconnection of 50 different lights by forming a bridge between them. Further, it allows you to control it through your smartphone and change the color, intensity, and flickering of the LED lights. Being able to control it remotely, you can change the ambiance of your workplace from a remote location as well.


Qmotion brings you the best in innovation to control your curtains and blinds. The device can be accessed through any smartphone, tablet or laptop. It is programmable and allows you to save your preferences. Hence, the next time you’re going to your office, you can change the style, pattern, and color of your curtains with the click of a button.

Coolcam Wireless WiFi Security IP Camera

Security is a primary concern for every business. The Coolcam Wireless Wi-Fi Security IP Camera allows a comprehensive monitoring solution. It can be installed in your office and allows 24×7 monitoring of your workplace. It is connected by Wi-Fi that lets you see your office from any location in the world. Besides, it has motion sensing capabilities which detect even the slightest of the movements. Once it has detected a movement, it will send urgent notifications to your smartphone device to notify you about any intrusion.

Electric Imp

The Electric Imp is really a device for the tech-savvy people. It lets you connect any type of device with the internet. However, to use if you require basic knowledge of computer building and some coding as well. The benefits of using this device are huge as it enables you to connect any device to the internet and monitor or access it from your smartphone, from anywhere in the world.

Ninja Block

The Ninja Block is a comprehensive, all-in-one sensor. The device also has an inbuilt motion detector that lets you monitor, investigate and spectate any area with ease. You can use it in your office for security purposes, and access it through the internet from anywhere in the world.


Revolv is a one-stop solution to control all your automation requirements. It lets you connect with both – iOS and Android devices. It is compatible to be used with your speakers, Schlage, locks, lights, switches, and thermostats in your office. It can be considered as an automation tool to connect and control all of your different automation devices installed at your workplace.


Ivee is a distinct alarm clock. It lets you monitor doors, locks and check who has entered your office. It lets you control it with voice commands with ease. It is connected with Wi-Fi and serves as an effective hands-free solution.

All the gadgets and tools mentioned require a little effort and some learning curve to utilize their enormous capabilities. Although all the gadgets mentioned above provide a number of important utilities, they are also designed to be cost-effective. Thus, saves your important money.

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