Tech companies rang in the start of the new year by unveiling their ambitious plans. Startup and multiple companies are beginning to feel the ripple effects of innovation in the industry.  With the advancement of technology, every business organization becomes more intertwined every day. Some technology trends that fix out over time and gain grip from industry. Various such techniques are already made a prominent mark in the 2018 and other technology application away from becoming mainstream. Every business organization wants to grow their business in large scale and increase business productivity.

5 Future Technologies That Will Be Mainstream by 2020

In today business world, competition is very high, and everyone wants to make the better presence of his business website in the market.  If you are planning for your business growth, then you can easily use various technologies. There are multiple ways to promote business through Advertising, promotion of products, easy to accessibility, less expensive, etc.  With innovative technology, online scheduling is one best way to communicate with business clients and convert into sale lead. Through the online schedule, business owners easily set the appointment according to own time preference and interact with customers.

Few future technologies will be conventional by 2020 such as:

  • The internet things: The internet of things is one of significant innovation in home technology. In recent years, the Internet of things has more beneficial for everyday life with growing adoption such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. With these devices, you can easily integrate more aspects of the home with better utilizing the internet. These devices allow the user to control anything from the air conditioning to their security through voice command and small personal assistants. At current, Apple has announced launch its Home pod this year and Samsung is working with on their Bixby technology.  You can easily expect from these devices and simplify your life at home.
  • Automation:  With large-scale innovation in Automation has traditionally been limited to the production side of society. Technology will have far-reaching implication for consumers by 2020.   Amazon automated grocery store, eliminating the need for cashiers, and another significant tech achievement. The store provides an effective and efficient alternative for shoppers. With the current cost of technology, there are various storefront and reach the best results.   Consumers can expect from technology to invent the pressure sensor and cameras which are automated pay bills and alleviate the long lines in store. In the next upcoming years, the technology is more growing and advanced and introduced the various new inventions.
  • Cryptocurrency:  Many tech players have concerned the cryptocurrencies and identify the initial coin offering that has the major news outlets like Etherium. Different smaller companies are developing the stable coins that provide the all pros of cryptocurrency transaction without any price fluctuations. These coins begin to work and exchange the changes in prices. Many business owners expect these assets to be the majority of payment.
  • Blockchain: These days, Blockchain technology is a most popular and growing rapidly.  Blockchain technology refers to decentralize digital Léger that is the basis for the highly secure application.   In the business context, with this technology clients use the practical way and prevent the fraud ensuring about the security.  Companies have applied the technology for everything with simple tracking and access the information. With these complex algorithms, you can create a unique experience. With this technology, customer transaction is secure and safe in any industry. This technology used for brand building and customer loyalty programs within B2B business and large transaction system.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence doing the various meta-analysis of an extensive collection of data sets and using that data for making better decisions.  Through AI companies easily evaluate marketing strategies and analyze customer behavior. There are various marketing application introduced such as content creation, voice and face recognition, Chatbots, Digital assistants, and other targeted strategies.  In addition to security applications, there are various companies like Amazon and Google have applied the technology to regular consumers to simplify shopping and searching experience on the platforms. With all the current process of AI technology, it is reasonable except for 2020; the innovation will quickly enhance the business and consumer activities.

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