5 Major Blockchain trends to look out for in 2019

Did you know that in the upcoming years, most of the products which would be targeted to consumers will be comprised of block chain as the source of operational technology.

Block chain is the new trend in the IT world. It has been over the place from over 10 years and breaking the lead to a bigger and better technological platform.

Ever since Satoshi; the inventor of the white paper has made it public up till 2018, the world of block chain has revolved around ups and down.

5 Major Blockchain trends to look out for in 2019

People think that block chain is all about crypto currency but it is way more than that. Just like technology advancement takes place every there and now, the block chain world also has changed and not just benefits financial industries but also helps companies like IBM, Oracle, and Amazon.

These companies show the real value of block chain to store the data and secure the activities happing in the organization in the long run.

So, there are some major trends happening for the past years of block chain which are shared below.

Block Chain and IOT formed a partnership

IOT system pledges to grow itself in 2022 which means we would see apps, light bulbs, cars to be IOT friendly.  In a report of Cisco’s VNI, it shows the interest of IOT devices to surge up to 28.5 billion.

The prediction to increase the flow of connections between machine to machine will rises in 2022 and the IOT devices from cars which will increase tremendously by 28% to connected cities and connected health will grow to 26% to 22% respectively.

However, the increase in the devices has faced lot of cyber related issues where hacker has being active for past years.

Companies who do not use  block chain have started investing money on these platforms due to the fact that data security issues have make them realized the importance of ledgers.

As a result, companies such as Wal-Mart and IBM working on the same page keeping database along with security alliances which can rationalise the task and also be productive as well.

Revamping the world of block chain

People cannot differentiate between crypto currencies and block chain. However, the white sheet of ledger is not just all about crypto which is believed to be the misconception. Therefore, people tend to keep their space between the worlds of block chain.  In 2019 we will see the changes in block chain world hoping the next year would possibly bring new innovation for block chain to work in the commercial industry as a whole.

With time people have understood the concept of block chain and block chain is expanding itself in terms of speed, use case and method of networking etc.

Hopefully, we can predict the improvement of the chain of network of block chain which not only transmits information sharing across the block chain system but also practically works accordingly.

Through the exchange of information to cross chain system been active in the upcoming years we may forecast some benefits with the passage of time.

Popularity and Growth of Block Chain in Asia

As the world of block chain is expanding itself more people are taking steps to accept the new innovation.

Countries like China which has always put restrictions on the foreign companies however; other countries of Asia are taking advantage of such platforms to enhance itself from the digital world. The use of block chain has enhanced the marketing dissertation topics for essay service provider to also revoke the regulations and accommodate with the tech system.

Singapore and Thailand is becoming the hub of block chain taking initiatives to enter in the block chain market, government being accepting enough to gain opportunity with in.

In 2019, world-wide held crypto forum being held in Singapore is the way of embracing the importance of block chain market.  

This forum will help other companies being to take steps and aware the importance of block chain and how will it proper the companies in the future.

More than 70 countries will take part in the upcoming forum will discuss the way of earning and gaining this market and what possible steps to cater in the new future.

Block chain-disrupting the pattern of Data Transmission

2018 was a blast for block chain world but 2019 will lightened the mood of many. As the countries are showing favourable concerns with adding block chain in their systems. Governments of European countries is trying to remove regulations for block chain and crypto currencies as it believed to be the next big topic of every one.

Moreover, government regulations which do not understand the concept of block chain what benefit it will provide to the business are also concern about the strict rules but in near future we will find changes and countries coming out of their comfort zone to make possible results.

We can see the changes in the world of block chain as more companies are making huge investment plan to conquer new opportunities such as Arts, Fine Wines were just in the mind of the companies but now it has truly shown benefits which will motivate them to earn some profit.

On the other hand Malaysia has responded to the regulation against the crypto and ICO which is the possible step to undertaken by such countries.

Enhancing the user experience

The market of block chain has not been old enough for people to understand the main concept and benefit of it.  However, some people who do understand the importance to adopt it, for some reason block chain has been complex non user friendly which make the non tech person difficult to use.

In 2019, we expect to see the changes in the block chain network where complexity and hurdles to operate the system would be fair enough for an average person.

Realising the fact that, User experience and sociability in the digital framework needs to be improved time to time as to more companies and people could shift to avail the opportunity given.

This year will be the breath-taking advancement of block chain market to mark it importance not in the fashion, financial, commercial and technological sector moreover, we can predict that it could cater most from the government and even the energy sectors. The twist and turn of block chain journey has been in 2018, we are hoping for exciting adventure being taken in the year 2019.