6 New Event Technology Trends To Expect in 2019

Technology is one of the aspects of our lifestyle that keeps advancing at a rapid rate. In a bid for all technology industry to keep up, the aim to be unique is now clearly evident in the tech- industry where everyone is thriving to stand out in this competitive marketplace.

Recent development in technology has been incomparably astounding, cutting across all area of human lifestyle. It ranges from series of events like technology conferences, trade shows and auto shows.  And while many of these event trends keep exhibiting new innovations, large percentage of users are often faced with difficulties on how to interact with them.

Below is a list of six (6) new event technology trends in the world today.

1 Virtual Reality (VR)

Often expressed as the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Virtual reality is one of the famous 21st  century highlight which has added the term ‘fantastic’ to its characteristic. VR technology is improving and it is widely used by many at all types of events especially at tech exhibits. When you look in a VR, you are seeing an entirely different reality than the one right in front of you.  Virtual reality technology has proven itself to be a perfect option for users to have a unique experience where they can “live” an unimaginable moment, instead of merely expressing their experience with words of mouth.

VR setups works in such a way that launches people directly into the future. It may be artificial, which can include an animated scene, or an environment that has been photographed and included in a virtual reality app. Even while a VR headset provides that unbelievable images, with virtual reality, you can move around and see in every direction as if you were physically there.

Users need a live assistance that will help to maximize the interactive experience, VR will make your moment memorable and will leave you with an impression of wanting to come back for a try out.  

  1.  Augmented Reality (AR)

Most people often mismatch a Virtual reality with an Augmented reality. AR is an enhanced similar version of a VR. It’s a new tech trend created to add digital information on an image.

If you want to reach out on a more immersive level with your audience or business partners, AR is the perfect pick. It allows you to add contents behind images you want to display especially when a product you want to showcase is massive in physical size.  It is mostly used as app on mobiles such as smartphone and tablet. You can have an experience of a view of the real world right in front of you with a phone camera on your AR apps which is coupled with a text information display on top of the images.

3 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

The birth of the RFID scanners is what should be tagged a “Check in made easy”. Apart from the fact that we have seen and confirmed the extremely facile method which it offers when it comes to an event registration, check-in, and during the main live event experience for users.

RFID ensures that your guests path is guided for a more fulfilling experience in terms of data entry, lead generation and so on. The “quick scan” has cut down wait times on queue. It is of no doubt an improving tech trend which will still offer more in the future.

  1. Live Streaming (LS)

This is a new technology trend designed for social media influencers and online marketers. It is created for users to engage their followers by making live streaming of activities or events, followers can now connect with their favorite celebrities anytime and anywhere.

With various platforms on social media of recent, it allows people to reach out to thousands of their followers by making a live stream or make a quick short video capture. It enables users to show how cool what they are experiencing at events or how much fun they are maximizing from a particular activity they are engaging themselves at that instant of time. Once people glance it on screen, they are struck with the thought of how great it would be to be present at these events. Many eventually watch with the fear of missing out on this enthralling moments in future times which can be a real deal.

The live stream has also shocked many especially event marketers on how it often leads to an exponential increase in event attendance and subsequently increase in-ticket sales when people realize how fascinating it would be for them to be at these events.

  1. Improved Drones

In recent years the use of drones has been attributed majorly to the military. But as new events unfold in drone technology, more industries are now adding this new technological trend in their practices.  With a view on how drones can add to events and exhibitions, the events industry in particular is enjoying the new thrills. They are often employed as flying cameras to capture and record amazing footage.

Drones are now considered perfect and most employed gadget for capturing action of fast-pace activities like football matches or races. Footage on capture can be connected and live streamed on screens at the venue or to any of your channels to engage your viewers.

6. Facial Recognition

This is another feature often attributed only to security purposes. It is capable of identifying and verifying a person from a picture. It is popular in security systems and can be linked to other biometrics such as fingerprint and so on.

The new improvements that hit this tech trend of recent allow users to easily capture moments at events and include the right people in the process instead of missing out on one person’s name, handle, or profile. The technology piece is superb and undoubtedly still improving.


It is of no doubt technology has a way of breaking limitations and making impossibilities possible. Event technology trends are key features that ensure all these keeps happening and also assure us of the better things that the future has to offer.