How Technology changed Communication forever

benefit of technology in communication nowadays

The speed of technological advancements have allowed us to have easier and faster communication, but at what cost? Throughout the years, technology has been making communication more convenient with better phone service and instant messaging platforms. However, due to its rapid growth and full integration into our lives, we’re beginning to see some serious detriments […]

7 Benefits of Technology in Education

Technology in Education

In the modern day, technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives; school is no exception. Technology in education has made learning easier and more efficient than ever before, with students able to get a quality education even without stepping into a classroom. From interactive whiteboards to iPads, smartphones, and other devices, there are many […]

What is Extended Reality & What are its Potential Benefits?

Extended Reality

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. One of the most recent advancements in technology is extended reality (XR), which refers to a variety of immersive digital experiences that allow users to interact with simulated or real-world environments. While there are many potential […]

Even AI writing tool can shows more humanity than Zucks: Meta layoff employees

Ai jasper

Wednesday was a tough day for the social media giant Facebook. The company’s parent firm, Meta, announced that it would be laying off more than 11,000 employees. This move represents a 13 percent reduction in Meta’s workforce and extends a hiring freeze that had been in place since last quarter. However, that is not our […]

5g mmwave technology fully explained – The key benefits

5g mmwave technology

The fifth generation of cellular mobile networks, 5G, is the next big thing in wireless connectivity. But what exactly is 5G? What are its key features and benefits? In this article, we’ll take a look at 5G mmWave technology and explain everything you need to know about it. So, what is 5G mmWave technology? Put […]

What was a benefit of second generation sandbox technology?

Sandbox technology

The second generation sandbox technology provided more features and benefits than the first generation sandbox technology. It improved upon the first generation by providing more granular control over policy enforcement, better detection capabilities, and more comprehensive reporting. The second-generation sandbox also offered enhanced security against new and unknown threats by allowing administrators to create custom […]

Top 10 Best eco friendly technology products of 2022

eco friendly product

What does eco friendly stand for? Well, for one, it means that the product you’re buying is made with recycled materials. Another reason could be that it’s made from upcycled or renewable materials. For example, paper or recycled plastic. Another reason why an eco friendly technology product would be good to have is because it […]

Top 11 web development frameworks of 2022 – What You Need To Know

Web development frameworks

Web development frameworks are sets of programming tools and libraries that help developers build and maintain applications. This is a list of web application framework software packages. Web frameworks like Django, Ruby on Rails and CakePHP allow developers to use pre-developed modules for many common tasks such as file uploads, validation and database abstraction. Other […]

From 5G to IoT: 10 Innovative Tech Trends Expected in 2022

5G to IoT

5G is coming. What will be the impact on IoT? In a little over a year from now, the world’s biggest telecom companies and handset makers will begin launching 5G networks at a furious pace. Whether you care about lightning-fast downloads or vastly improved battery life for wearables, everything around you is going to change. […]

Software development life cycle explained

Software development life cycle explained

It is simply coined as SDLC. And this is a crucial process that will ensure high-quality software. As with products and inventions, the software also has to undergo a specific methodology to ensure its quality. And this life cycle consists of several stages. It begins with a thought and eventually translates into technical aspects.  SDLC […]

Top 3 Best wireless Gaming Headsets for PC with mic (Does it fare well with wired ones?)

Best wireless Gaming Headsets for PC

Wired headset can be inconvenient at times. Positioning it with your PC can be a hassle with all the wires. And when the wires are brushing against your clothes, you will be able to hear that. And it can be distracting. And if it has a duo wire, it becomes more annoying. And cable management […]

AirPods Max vs Sony WH-1000XM4: Is Expensive Always Better?

Airpod pro max

The AirPods Max is king when it comes to noise cancellations. They are big and hefty over-ear headphones that also have the same convenient features as the AirPods Pro. But there is another brand that can stack up against this powerhouse, the Sony WH-1000XM4. Like the Max, it also has impressive noise cancellation prowess. So […]

ibuypower gaming PC desktop element 9260 review – A basic prebuilt PC

ibuypower gaming PC desktop element 9260

The iBuypower 9260 boasts an affordable tag, but do you get what you pay for? Let’s see if this is something you’d want to buy for your gaming setup.  A basic prebuilt PC The Ibuypower is a basic pre-built PC. it consists of standard parts and components. So it’s suitable for those looking for a […]