Software development life cycle explained

Software development life cycle explained

It is simply coined as SDLC. And this is a crucial process that will ensure high-quality software. As with products and inventions, the software also has to undergo a specific methodology to ensure its quality. And this life cycle consists of several stages. It begins with a thought and eventually translates into technical aspects.  SDLC […]

Top 3 Best wireless Gaming Headsets for PC with mic (Does it fare well with wired ones?)

Best wireless Gaming Headsets for PC

Wired headset can be inconvenient at times. Positioning it with your PC can be a hassle with all the wires. And when the wires are brushing against your clothes, you will be able to hear that. And it can be distracting. And if it has a duo wire, it becomes more annoying. And cable management […]

AirPods Max vs Sony WH-1000XM4: Is Expensive Always Better?

Airpod pro max

The AirPods Max is king when it comes to noise cancellations. They are big and hefty over-ear headphones that also have the same convenient features as the AirPods Pro. But there is another brand that can stack up against this powerhouse, the Sony WH-1000XM4. Like the Max, it also has impressive noise cancellation prowess. So […]

ibuypower gaming PC desktop element 9260 review – A basic prebuilt PC

ibuypower gaming PC desktop element 9260

The iBuypower 9260 boasts an affordable tag, but do you get what you pay for? Let’s see if this is something you’d want to buy for your gaming setup.  A basic prebuilt PC The Ibuypower is a basic pre-built PC. it consists of standard parts and components. So it’s suitable for those looking for a […]

Enjoy a Playable Experience Without Going off the Roof with the 5 Best Gaming Desktop Under 1000$

Best Gaming Desktop Under 1000

It’s cheaper to play games on a PC than on a console, but you have to find a decent desktop that will still enable you to have a pleasure gaming experience. That means no lagging and no buffering.  While a lot of gaming desktops can provide a pleasurable experience, some can cost more than 1500 […]

[Review] Conquer Desktop Tabletop: An Affordable Standing Desk Converter for Tall People

Conquer Desktop Tabletop

A standing desk converter is very convenient. You can create a healthier workstation wherever you are. Since it can be placed on the table, it has a lesser footprint too. And you get to keep your old desk. And if you’re on a budget, you won’t have any need for a new desk. So it’s […]

Why HP Pavilion of the Cheapest Yet Amazing Gaming Desktop?

HP Pavilion desktop

Gaming should always be an immersive experience. It’s not just gaming pros who would want a completely tanked up PC. And the markets are teeming at the sleeves with gaming PCs. Of course, you’re always on the hunt to get the best brands at the best deals. And you’ll also want a gaming desktop that […]

7 Benefits of smart offices

Benefit of smart offices

Smart offices have become a hotshot term. More and more companies are adopting solutions to transform their work environment into a smart, interconnected and hi-tech domain. There are a number of distinct benefits of smart office products provided by the smart offices companies. Improved productivity It has been seen in various research reports that companies […]

Do You Have a Smart Office_ Here Is How To Setup One

Smart office

“Oh, I love smart kids”, “this outing is casual, just wear anything smart”. These days, the atmosphere is filled with love for anything that is called “smart”. Anyway, it is expedient that things be done better, smarter and in a more productive way. This is why an innovation such as a smart office cannot be […]

Artificial Intelligence in the Work Place

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made great inroads in every major industry, including advertising, healthcare, finance, education, legal, transportation and now penetrating the workplace. However, although there has been much talk on how the workplace will be transformed by artificial intelligence, the effects have taken time to reveal themselves. Many people may have encountered artificial intelligence, […]

How modern technology and devices are improving the health of workers

Ergonomic office chair

If you are a fan of science fiction you may have seen many instances on the screen of seemingly miraculous medical technology and devices as also surgical and healing techniques in use. You may be surprised to know that some of these are already in use and many are in the testing stage. Considering that […]

3 Smart Ways to Design a Modern Office

The modern office is always changing with technology, but many of the components that make an office technologically modern and up-to-date are key to productivity in the 21st century. Productivity in the working world is dependent on a couple things: environment and resources. Of course, the individual worker needs to be motivated and engaged with […]

Ways the Modern Office can Utilize AI and Smart Desks

AI smartdesk 3 - Autonomous

The modern workplace is changing. For many, work doesn’t look like the stereotypical cubicles and water coolers. Offices are adapting with technology to maximize productivity and make the workspaces more compact and modern. Less is more with the modern office, so the more that you can get from simple items like desks, computers, and more, […]