Step by Step Guide Audio Books for Linux Users

Linux is the favorite operating system for programmers. Just like the other operating system or kernel, it is a program of any operating system that takes care of the underlying stuff just like the hardware communicates with software. 

Linux is one of the most commonly used system software that manages all of the paraphernalia resources that is affiliated to your computer and or laptop. The main work of Linux is to manage the communications between your hardware and software directly. 

We all know that without an operating system also known as the “OS,“ your software would not be able to work and function the way it wanted to.

Why Choose Linux?

Most people asked why to choose Linux as your operating system, knowing that there is a lot of operating systems that would fit and function to your computer. 

Why Choose Linux?

However, unlike another operating system, some of them might not work until the end. They could be the reason that your computer or laptop was continually battling with viruses, crashing, and costly repairs every time. 

For your information, Linux is free, and you can install it on as many computers as you can without paying a cent for software. It can also offer thousands of high-quality software titles for your desktop to be easily installed. 

The earlier versions of Linux were not so user-friendly. Linux’s main advantage was to help computer programmers to create and design their custom operating system.

Aside from that, its primary benefit is to offer a free operating system for everyone. You don’t have to spend hundreds to get the operating system just like Windows. 

Computer literate or those who have extensive programming knowledge can use its functionality evenly and modify it. It gives and offers people a lot of choices, applications, and programs, and they are all free to install. 

After which, once you have successfully installed Linux, you do not have to install an antivirus. With each upgrade every time, its OS becomes more secure.

Below are the 8 step by step best audio books all time for Linux user:

Hacking University Senior Edition (Linux Optimal beginner’s guide to precisely learn and conquer the Linux operating system. A complete step by step Audible Version; Isaac D. Cody)

Ever wonder how to use Linux like a pro? Well, this 4th volume of the Hacking University: Senior Edition is a beginner’s guide to help you. It contains the basic and basis of how to manage Linux and its essentials. 

The underlying topics will be the history of Linux, managing software and hardware, the commands, security protocols, useful applications for your desktop, I/O Redirection, and more. This book is a lot more substantial and efficient to use to make sure to provide you with them. Essential contents of Linux.

A complete step by step instructions is a must; you just need to search for the right and proper best audiobook of all time that will meet your standards in learning the basics of Linux Operating System and might a well meet your basic necessities. 

In order for you to run on the same track that you would not miss a single piece of information with regards to the Linux, Hacking University Senior Edition gives the informative contents you need to know.  One of the best investments that you could have for your Linux’s needs.

Linux for Beginners (An Introduction to the Linux Operating System and Command Line; Jason Cannon)

Learning on how to adapt and deal with a new skill is challenging. You need to have at least a few background information on what you will be doing or preparing. 

There will be the time that you will encounter too much information that you do not know where to start it off first. You will end up searching for undefined terms and knowledge that is not totally related to what you are aiming to learn, and it is kind of frustrating. 

This Linux for Beginners book will help you step by step and guide you using a methodical approach. You will learn to (1) get access on the Linux server (2) the distribution of Linux (3) what software is needed to connect Linux from Mac and Windows computer and more. 

As new commands and concepts are being encountered, no need to worry because they are all well explained in a manner that is not way too difficult to understand.

Linux Bible 2010 Edition (Boot up to Ubuntu, Fedora, KNOPPIX, Debian, openSUSE and 13 Other Distributions; Christopher Negus)

A guide to the essential functions and commands to Linux is by the help of this Linux Bible 2010 Edition. It is an archetypal introductory guide for you to be comfortable in the Linux environment. 

This book contains comprehensive descriptions on the basics of Linux commands, desktops, servers, and programming tools. The author of the book who is Negus will help you to view the transitions from Windows or Mac.

This will lead you to find Linux as the best OS that will meet your necessary needs. This book will also introduce you things like how to set up secured and full function Linux server system and learning system administration skills.

This Linux Bible contains a variety of well-packed information about the new Linux version exciting features.

Linux (Learn Linux Fast! Ultimate Course Book for Beginners; Gary Mitnick)

As a beginner in learning the functions and commands of Linux, you need at least a beginner guide to use. 

This Linux book will help you to understand the primary command line and other navigation options in the operating system. It is simple, yet the varieties of the basic instructions are all helpful. 

The book is simply designed for all the beginners who need to know the Linux operating system step by step process.

C++ AND Linux Operating System 2 (Bundle Manuscript Essential Beginners Guide on Enriching Your C++ Programming Skills and Learn the Linux Operating System; Isaac D. Cody)

This audiobook written by Isaac D. Cody is a 2 book bundle that is related to C++ programming and learning Linux Operating System. It is consist of two manuscripts, but the price is allotted for one book only. 

The inclusions are you will get to have the C++: Learn C++ Like a Boss. A Beginners Guide to Learn and Master C++ Fast and the Hacking University Senior Edition: Linux Optimal beginner’s guide to having detailed learning and thoroughly decode the operating system of Linux.

In C++ Programming you will be able to learn the basics about syntax, class, objects, variables, data types, arrays, loops, managing software and hardware, decision treatments, the command line terminal and many more. These commands will help you to operate the operating system of Linux.

Unix Operating System Success In a Day (Sam Key)

In order to run and use the Linux operating system, the step by step process sample audiobooks will help you, especially if you are a beginner.

Unix Operating system can handle multiple users at a time. 

It can cater specific operating system fundamentals just like the Linux. They have no difference at all; in fact, Linux is a Unix Clone. But in some cases when you consider explaining about the Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) standards, then Linux is now can be considered as Unix OS. 

This book contains vast details and data assistance that you need to know between the two Operating Systems.

Hacking (How to Create Your Own Penetration Testing Lab In 1 Hr!; Gary Mitnick)


If you are interested to know more about how to create your own penetration testing laboratory using Kali Linux 2016, then this audiobook will give you access.

This provides evident and efficient information and step by step process to create and make your own testing lab. It is designed to follow basic and simple instructions or rules to follow with attached photos and links for you to check and view. 

Upon listening to this audiobook, you will able learn the BIOS Enable Virtualization, Virtual Box Extensions, Tweaking Kali Virtual Machine, Guest Additions Kali ISO Pre Flight Check List, and more. 

You do not want to miss the chance to have your own copy; it would help you a lot. Enhance your capabilities in your computer experience, especially to the Linux Operating System, to perform different commands and technical understanding.

Linux (Bootcamp, The Crash Course for Understanding the Basics of Linux Operating; David Maxwell)

Learning the basics of Linux will create and motivate you to widen your learning capacity in the operating system. 

The diversity of command line, system approach, documentation, layouts, tab completion, and many more will direct you to facilitate the Linux Operating System by having this audiobooks as your guide. 

It will explain some of the processing control in the Linux that will simply instruct you to perform. Aside from that, you will be able to control the computer via commands typed into a text interface in the audiobook, and it is in a step by step order.