Top 3 Best wireless Gaming Headsets for PC with mic (Does it fare well with wired ones?)

Wired headset can be inconvenient at times. Positioning it with your PC can be a hassle with all the wires. And when the wires are brushing against your clothes, you will be able to hear that. And it can be distracting. And if it has a duo wire, it becomes more annoying. And cable management is a nuisance too                                                    

A wireless headset frees you from all these inconveniences. It gives you freedom of movement and you can position the headset anywhere. So in line with that, I am going to list down my top three picks.

Arctis 7 – #1 of the Best wireless Gaming Headsets for PC ($149.99)

The brand has a vast selection of headsets. They also have one that has an RGB. But I am liking the fact that the Arctis 7 does not have it. It means that the battery life can be preserved longer. And instead of Bluetooth connectivity, it connects via a RF USB dongle. Now, this has some pros and cons. The con is it makes the headset less versatile. But the pros are that you don’t need to pair it with anything and there is no noticeable latency.

The ear cups are made of plastic and have a thin rubber exterior coating. And it has a rather different top band compared to what you normally would see in a gaming headset. Instead of plastic surrounded by rubber or leather, it has a wide metal top band. It’s actually made from aluminum

I do find the swivel joint a little bit loose. I would have loved it if it was a bit tighter. But good thing there aren’t any creaking sounds. 

And this handset has a rather unique feature. It has this ski goggle-like suspension band. You can adjust this band to adjust how the headset fits. It makes the headset snug. But since it’s not really padding but rather a thin piece of elastic rubber, it’s not enough to protect your head from the metal top band. 

I was actually curious at first at how the aluminum top band would feel on the head. Well, if you have a small head, you won’t feel any undue pressure But if you have a larger head. If you have a large head, you will feel a bit of pressure coming from the metal material. 

So this headset is not ideal for larger heads. Aside from the pressure coming from the metal top band, you will not be able to adjust the height of the band. It doesn’t have an expandable band so it will be too short.

The earcups have soft padding. It’s not too thin, but I’d like it to be thicker. Because you can still feel the convex interior part rubbing against your ear.

The microphone, it’s not the most flexible, but it does have above-average sound quality. It has a rather deep bass. 

It does have an automatic shutoff so the headset turns off when not in use. But I would love for it to automatically turn on whenever I open my PC. A connection through the hub could have made it more convenient so I don’t have to manually restart it every morning. 

In a nutshell, it has awesome stereo drivers but it doesn’t have the best quality microphone. And if you have larger heads, this headset will not fit you. Since the band is not expandable, it’s not going to be comfortable. But in terms of durability, quality, and overall design, you will not have any complaints. You can also use it as a wired headset with your mobile phones.  

And one of the reasons why it’s in my top picks is that the signal is very good, there aren’t any interruptions or whatsoever. And I think that it is one of the most important features of a wireless headset. 


  • Compact
  • Can be used wired with mobile devices
  • Clear sound
  • Plug and play
  • Very good signal 
  • Convenient micro USB charging
  • Great battery life


  • No indication on how many percentages of battery is left on the software 
  • The band is not expandable

Corsair HS70 ($99.99)

Out of the box, this Corsair headset feels sturdy and solid. But at the same time, it’s extremely flexible and you won’t be hearing any creaking sound. It’s a real plus for me. Creaking sounds are not only annoying, it can also tell that a headset is flimsy if it creaks when you bend and pull it. 

It has decent expandable bands. Plus the ear cups can flex and there is constant movement. So it can fit those with larger heads. It looks extremely simple yet sleek. And the band has a sufficient cushion and padding. Plus, it has a threaded design that also looks nice.

Comfort-wise, the earcups and band are quite comfortable. You will not feel any pressure points since it’s also quite lightweight. But I noticed that there is a bit of a gap on the earcups, so it’s not tightly sealed. Thicker padding could have made a better seal. 

The all-black body looks minimalist so it doesn’t scream gaming. Thus it’s also a great option if you’re looking for a low-key and simple wireless headset. It does not have any RGB and no plastic parts are sticking out of the unit so it looks clean and sleek. That’s why it’s also compact.

Corsair HS70

It also has an auto shut off feature. But what sets it apart from other brands with the same feature is that you can set on the software how many hours before the headset will shut off. So if you are playing for longer hours, you won’t be interrupted. And you don’t need to turn on the headset now and then.

The wireless function is also great, I did not encounter any issues or disturbances. Even with two walls in between rooms, there aren’t any signal interferences. For the sound quality, the volume output is loud. But for the sound quality, it’s okay. It has an open type of sound so it might not sound as detailed as I would have liked it to be. 

Since it’s more of an open type of sound, it can sound more natural but the isolation isn’t that great. You can still hear sounds from the background. And since it isn’t tightly sealed, the bass response is not that pronounced. 

For the microphone, it’s mediocre and not top of the line, but you won’t be able to complain given its price tag. You can also change the settings on the microphone on the software, changing it to DVD quality will help enhance the quality of the sound. 

In a nutshell, it’s a durable and affordable wireless headset. If you prefer to be aware of your environment whilst you’re playing, you’ll find this headset appropriate. But if you want more tightly sealed ear cups for more distinct sounds, this is not for you. 


  • Equipped with audio cues
  • Durable and solid
  • Comfortable and no pressure points
  • Sleek and simple


  • Ear cups aren’t that tightly sealed

Sennheiser GSP 670 ($319)

The black matte design with titanium hints is a breath of fresh air. It makes the headsets look classy. And the side blades can be removed so you can customize it. 

It seems robust and has a strong construction. But it does have some heft to it. The tension on the earcups can be adjusted. You can simply loosen the tension by sliding the adjustment located on the top band.

But I must say that due to the heft of this headset, you can still feel some pressure on the lower part of the ear cups. Though there isn’t any pressure on the top band, the tension on the lower part of the ear cups is quite noticeable.

The earcups have a suede material inside and a leatherette exterior. It’s nicely sealed so sound isolation is two thumbs up. And one unique feature is that it has a knob at the earcups where you can check the percentage of the battery. Once you click it, a voice prompt will notify you how much battery you still have left.  

Sennheiser GSP 670

For the Bluetooth connectivity, you can’t be playing anything on your PC. so that you can use the wireless function. This can be a limitation as most wireless headsets. But will not be disappointed with the sound quality. Sound output is massive and clear. And it has very clear and crisp bass hints. The vocal quality of the microphone is also great, but it’s still not at par with the best-wired headsets when it comes to the bass and the detail.

The battery life is mediocre. I was able to use it for 16 hours. It has a battery-saving feature that you can use, but it might be able to lengthen your battery for just a bit.

Overall, in terms of sound and microphone quality, this is by far one of the best I’ve seen in a wireless headset. And the software offers a lot of options for customization. So you can play around with the sound quality and tweak it according to your liking. 

But the comfort is not that pleasurable. There will be some form of pressure coming from around the earcups. I guess, the bigger and wider your head is, the more pronounced the pressure will be. The option to loosen the tension on the ear cups does not do much for this headset. But If great audio quality is what you’re looking for, this is your headset.


  • Micro USB port for convenient charging
  • Durable and solid
  • Great sound isolation
  • Excellent sound and audio quality
  • Offers lots of features on the software


  • Not that comfortable
  • Sigal may cut off after 400 m range


So these are my top three wireless gaming headsets for PC with micro. Though in terms of sound and mic quality, wired is always king. But this bunch are the best at their game.