MacBook vs Windows Laptop: Which one to go for?

If you’re planning on buying a new laptop, the very first thing you need to decide isn’t really about which brand you’d like to go for rather, it’s the technology that’s behind the screen. While choosing a reliable brand like Dell or HO is part of your laptop choosing journey. Before that choice, you need to choose between the two big operating systems i.e. Windows or Apple.


Especially for gamers, when choosing the best gaming laptops under $1500 picking one of these can be even harder. We know how most of the people think Apple has taken residence everywhere we see but the truth is, Windows still happens to be the bigger tycoon in the laptop industry. Apple has still somehow managed to cover the wider gap over the years but it is still difficult to choose between both of these technologies.

So, in this article, we are going to break down all the aspects of Apple and Windows. Talk about the advantages, disadvantages, perks and find out which one fits your needs best.

MacBook Vs Windows, the differences!

For the longest time, the only monopoly in the world of laptops was of Microsoft. It’s operating system is known as Windows and is being used by a wide range of brands. If we go back a couple of years, you will see that the only laptop or PC you would ever find was Windows.

Most of these companies are extremely reputable and go way back with their reputation of offering the best laptops in the market. Microsoft itself launched their high-end lineup of laptops known as Surface Pro while the ASUS came up with ZenBooks. Dell and HP also have their own wide range of laptops featuring Windows technology.

You will also find several less expensive Windows laptops that are being manufactured by smaller companies to address the needs of masses. They provide them with an option so affordable that they don’t have to think twice about their purchase.

Windows laptops are extremely versatile and full of options that it is hard to sum all of them up in a small paragraph.

While Windows is capable of addressing the needs of the masses, Apple on the other hand also has a specific clientele that would only opt for a MacBook. The Apple lineup includes MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Both of these machines are known for being the most stylish, fast and sleek.

Macbook vs Windows review

The Pro lineup would be considered as the elitist laptop of all. This laptop is ideal for professionals since it has high-end specifications, incredible features all combined with a beautiful display that gives the user a premium experience.

Where Pro features cutting-edge technology and latest updates, the MacBook Air comes with feather like design but doesn’t include specialized features. You can call it the lite-version of a MacBook Pro that is affordable yet stylish and elegant, an incredible option for regular users.

Now, that you know all about Windows and MacBook, let’s look into all the aspects that need to be considered while purchasing a laptop. Price is obviously one of the most important factors to be considered when buying anything. Next you need to look at the specifications, design, customization possibilities, hardware and operating system.

We are breaking all of these aspects down one by one, continue reading and let us know what you think by giving us your feedback at the end,

Which one is pricier? MacBook or Windows!


As much as we don’t like the fact but Apple is known for bringing in technology that is ridiculously expensive. Whether you’re purchasing an iPhone or a Mac, you will get blown away as soon as you take a look at the prices they come at.

The latest MacBook that Apple has just launched touches the $2000 budget and will go above and beyond depending on the customizations you opt for. Even MacBook Air comes around the price tag of $1000 so you can see; even its least expensive laptop is pretty expensive.


As we said it before, we are going to say it again, since there are thousands of windows laptops available in the market, it is just hard, nearly impossible to summarize the price range of this technology in one quote.

As soon as you step into the market, you will come across millions of Windows laptops that can be purchased for as low as $200. These are basic laptops and offer features like browsing, streaming online and so on.

Windows also offers mid-tier laptops that fall under the price tag of $400 to & $700. These laptops come with extensive features and can handle RAM usage appropriately. But in case you happen to be a gamer and want something more efficient, you can go for the high-end laptops that will come around $1000 to $1500.

If you want the best windows laptop then we would suggest you check out the ultrabooks. These cost around $1000 and have the best high-tech hardware and specs that any PC enthusiast could ask for. So, as you can see, a windows laptop even at a high price is much cheaper than a MacBook.

This is the very thing most of the people love about Windows is that you can get anything you want in any price range you want it in.

Which has a better design? MacBook or Windows!

It is no surprise that every single tech gadget that Apple has ever come up with is simply beautiful. The most money they invest in when manufacturing any of their products is in the design. Whether its an iPhone or a MacBook, their products are simply gorgeous, robust and of premium quality.

The MacBook comes in a solid finish with very less plastic on board and the keyboard has a very ergonomic feel to it. The design of MacBook Air and Pro has been so successful since the very first time it was launched that they haven’t changed it even after all these years. Although, they are becoming sleek and slimmer with every upgrade.

MacBook are manufactured to last for a very long time so it doesn’t matter whether you go for Air or Pro, they are going to last for a long time.

Since Windows has a plethora of options in its range, anyone can find anything according to his taste when it comes to finding a Windows laptop.

If you want something more MacBook like then you can simply go for the latest Surface Pro 6. It is very sleek and stylish, looks extravagant with a decent display and finish that you won’t be able to get enough of.

You will also find cheaper laptops that have more plastic on board but since they are available at affordable price points, the construction is pretty much justified.

Which one offers better gaming aspects? 

If gaming is something that happens to be a priority on your list of requirements then MacBook isn’t going to do you any good. We have hardly come across a user that enjoys playing games on a MacBook Pro other than solitaire.

MacBook isn’t known to be popular for customization so maybe, you need to check out other alternatives in the market.

As compared to MacBook, one biggest perk of having a Windows laptop is that you can specifically get it designed to cater to all your gaming needs. You can get a top shelf graphics card, better RAM along with opting for a laptop that is exclusively designed for a gamer.

Alienware is the most popular name for coming up with laptops that are offer gamer pro services however their prices are even higher than that of MacBook.

Which one offers better professional functionality? 

One of the best things about having a MacBook as your laptop for professional use is that it allows you to edit videos, photographs on excellent software. It also lets you use various creative suits to the best of their capacities without actually having to buy them.

MacBook software is very easy to grasp and make use of. You will be done editing your photos or videos or make catchy advertisements for your customer’s pages within minutes. Apple has also improved their display screens in the latest MacBooks so now you will enjoy creating visual content all the more.

The only drawback of owning a MacBook is that it doesn’t cater Microsoft Office while the text and document programs it does feature aren’t that good. You will have to purchase a Microsoft package separately which still won’t be as functional as it is on a Windows laptop.

Windows offers a wide variety when it comes to software for video and photo editing. You can download or purchase full-proof programs of Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and what not. These software don’t really come pre-installed in the laptop you purchase so you will have to get them separately. But still, at least you get the benefit of installing your own required software with ease which isn’t what we can say about MaBooks.

However, in the latest laptops where you get Windows 10 as a factory installed program, Microsoft Office comes pre-installed that saves you some extra dollars. The program also keeps itself up-to-date whenever there is a Windows update available for installation.

What are the connectivity options?

Over the years, MacBook has transitioned into being completely wireless and now you don’t get ports like USB, HDMI or for attaching your headphones. If you happen to be someone who has to attach various gadgets, then you will have to opt for splitters and connectors to ensure solid connectivity.

This is one of the drawbacks about using a MacBook that you cannot always be sure whether you will be able to connect another outlet to your laptop or not.

Most of the Windows laptops still have traditional ports and some even have CD ROMs although it’s getting less prevalent with every latest upgrade on the market. However, the number of ports on your laptop is directly proportional to the brand you’re choosing. Acer and ASUS are known for offering a wide range of ports on the laptops that make them even more functional and convenient.

Which offers most customization options? 

MacBook are known especially for being able to be upgraded only by the company itself. Apple keeps the same specifications for years which mean you’re probably going to pay a lot for a technology that was integrated in a laptop quite a few years ago.

There is also very little space for customization since you can only opt for software and hardware that was originally launched by Apple itself. Even if you somehow manage to customize it, the updates that will come along will be too much to deal with.

However, one plus point of this is that MacBooks are really easy to use and extremely functional straight out of the box. You don’t have to invest your energy into improving its specifications. You get what you pay for and even if it sustains damage along the way, a MacBook is far easier to get replaced or fixed.

The biggest or rather, the selling point of a Windows laptop is that you can take the entire laptop apart and then upgrade it just as you like. You can easily upgrade the RAM, improve the hard drive or replace several singular parts from various suppliers.

Windows allows you to customize your machine into something that caters to all your requirements fully. Brands are always coming up with new upgrades so whenever you want something, you will be able to fulfill your requirements from more than 10 brands.

Better operating system?

MacOS is an efficient and fast operating system that is really fun to use. It has a very modern interface while the company has kept the design very sleek and stylish. We also love the fact that there are original updates available frequently so you can keep your laptop going for a long time.

Another plus point of opting for a MacBook is that it is relatively safe. Hackers don’t usually try and barge into a MacOS so all your professional and private data will be kept safe.

Where MacBook is a safe and sound option to go for, a Windows laptop will always be vulnerable to foreign threats as more and more people use it every single day. It is more prone to virus damage. Even though the Windows 10 Update does a very good job of protecting the system from viruses through the Windows Defender, some small and creepy anomalies can still seep through the smaller holes.

On top of that, a lot of Windows updates are very sketchy and they install bloatware on to the system making it slower and much less productive. However, keeping everything aside, most people find Windows to be their home technology. It is easy to use, something everybody is familiar with which gives it the upper hand.

Battery life!

As far as the battery life is concerned, that is very difficult to compare since that completely depends on the laptop you have chosen for yourself. Apple products and the latest MacBook are known for having better battery life. However, Windows is also making jumps in this regard so and is effectively addressing the needs of the users.

Battery life of any laptop completely depends on its components and the extent of usage. So that is something you will have to consider depending on the brand you are opting.

8 more differences between MacBook & Windows!

So, the above mentioned points were the technological and functional aspects that we discussed in detail. But if you want us to add more information regarding both of these tech choices, we are enlisting down eight more points stating some differences between the two.

  • Macs are all about the design!

Do you know what is the one aspect of their gadgets that Apple spends years working on? It’s the design and its gorgeousness.

Before an iPhone or a MacBook is launched in the market, Apple pours most of its money ensuring it looks absolutely gorgeous as soon as it will hit the market. Even the internal components of their gadgets are designed beautifully, something you simply won’t be able to fathom.

  • Microsoft is also paying attention to the details

In the last few years, Microsoft is also known for catching up with MacBook and the evidence of that is Microsoft Surface series. Also, there are various ultrabooks in the market that feature touch screens and look extremely elegant to the eye.

  • Signing in and getting started

Both of these technologies offer more than simply signing into your laptop. If you’re using a MacBook, you get the option of logging into your system through thumb imprint, your apple watch or through your iPhone.

You also get to sign-in to your Windows laptop through various biometric verifications. Some high end laptops such as Surface Pro even offer the advantage of signing in through facial recognition.

  • Windows is a more appropriate option for gamers

As we have mentioned previously, 90% of the gamers prefer a Windows laptop or a PC because of the customizable properties.

If you happen to be a competitive player then you’re probably going to obsess over having a powerful graphics card on board or large memory and better processor. You can always tweak your computer to the latest tech available in the market and never let it disappoint you in the gaming arena.

  • Mac users get excellent customer support

If you break your Mac, you can always get an appointment and take it to your nearest Apple store. There you will find an expert ready to help you with your problem. In case, the problem can be fixed in a single time, you will not have to pay anything for that.

Their Answer Desk is available 24/7 so that you can always get support from experts if your PC isn’t functioning well. Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy these perks with Microsoft since they don’t sell all the products they make. They will have to send your device back to the original manufacturer and let’s be honest; you won’t find many Microsoft stores in your vicinity.

  • Both of these techs look completely different

The outlook and design of both these software is completely different. MacBook accommodates touch and a very user-friendly design. It is extremely beautiful and elegant.

While in the latest versions, Microsoft has also made a lot of effort into ensuring user-friendliness of their software, it is still nowhere as good as a MacOS.

  • Windows offers more choice

With a Windows laptop on board, you get more choice and a high range of versatility. There are literally hundreds of brands right now manufacturing Windows laptops. They are beautiful, come at different price points and offer you the benefit of fulfilling all your requirements which can’t be said about a MacBook.

  • MacBooks and iPhones are the best duo

For an iPhone user, we can’t think of a better laptop then a MacBook. You can easily sync your messages to your MacBook through the built-in messages application. You can even respond to your friends and coworkers through the messaging application and if you also have an iPad, the same conversation can take its course there.

The connectivity option is also incredible since you can Airdrop your pictures and videos within seconds.

Windows doesn’t offer the same privilege. You will have to install the Cortana application to sync your laptop with an Android phone but the compatibility still isn’t as good as the one Mac/iPhone offers.


To be precise, if you are looking for a timeless laptop that you can start using straight out of the box then MacBook is the way to go. You will have to compromise a little on the gaming aspect of this option but given it offers epic functionality, style and speed; we say that compromise won’t have a lot of effect.

However, if you want to customize your laptop thoroughly and make it into a personalized machine then going for Windows would be a wide choice. It offers sustainability, the capacity to make unmatched customizations and is available on almost every price point.

Both of these technologies have their own perks and setbacks. It completely and utterly depends on your requirements from a laptop and what is it that you’re truly looking for.