ibuypower gaming PC desktop element 9260 review – A basic prebuilt PC

ibuypower gaming PC desktop element 9260

The iBuypower 9260 boasts an affordable tag, but do you get what you pay for? Let’s see if this is something you’d want to buy for your gaming setup. 

A basic prebuilt PC

The Ibuypower is a basic pre-built PC. it consists of standard parts and components. So it’s suitable for those looking for a simple and fuss-free PC. But it separates itself from other basic PC builds. In what way? Even if it’s a basic PC, it’s not limiting because it is easily upgradable. 

So you can decide when you want to add more advanced features. Thus, you decide when to pull out more money from your wallet. So if you don’t see yourself needing more comprehensive and advanced [arts as of now, this can be your PC. 

Here are the features and components that made it basic.

  • Universal design

From the specs to the chassis, everything is basic. It can be boring, yes, but it takes on the look of most entry-level PC rigs that you can find in the market. The internal port is quite spacious and wide though. So as I’ve mentioned above, it’s easily upgradeable.

You can squeeze in the needed components should the need arise since the chassis has lots of it. 

And with the simple design comes the convenience of not having to use tools. It’s a tool-less design and you need to just unscrew the 4 heads and that’s about it. 

The cherry on the cake is perhaps the tempered glass panels that allow you to take a peek at the RGB lighting. 

  • Basic software

The PC comes with only the software that the computer needs to run. Nothing more, nothing less. 

  • Decent mouse and keyboard membrane

 There’s nothing fancy about it. But since it’s sort of an old fashioned PC, expect both to be wired. So this can be a yay or nay for you since some people still love using traditional wired mouse and keyboard. 

What I liked the most

  • Its plug and play

It’s easy to set up. And I think that’s the advantage of a basic PC build. It does not have any bloatware or useless hardware that robs off the space in the chassis. It’s a straightforward PC with nothing to hide.

  • Decently Fast

The overall performance of the PC is surprisingly good. Since it’s fast, it’s ideal for gaming. But do take note that the Nvidia GeForce 1660 Ti (6GB) it’s configured with is not the best of its kind. But it’s surprisingly sufficient to run through games that need 1080 p and higher resolutions such as Far Cry 5. But of course, I am considering the entire price of the PC relative to its speed.

  • Versatile

This basic PC can also be used for multitasking or other non-gaming scenarios.

  • Future Proof

Since it has a lot of room for several specs and upgrades, this unit won’t be left behind. It might seem inferior to some given its basic features. But it can be upgradable. And it has lots of room for it. 

  • Good cable management system

The front of the chaise is sufficiently good. But what caught my attention the most is how all the wires were neatly tucked inside the hidden compartment. It can have tons of cables so I guess the extra space is also an advantage for hiding the cords and the wires. 

  • Customization of lights 

And if you have tried the brand’s Trace2 9250, you’ll find that the 9260 has lots of LED light. You might even think it’s an upgrade of its sibling. 

  • Operates quietly.
  • It has a small footprint

Considering that it’s a mid-tower chassis, it looks a bit compact compared to other brands in the same category.

Some qualms

  1. The motherboard version is somewhat of a bargain version. So you might not like it that much. The mere mention of the word bargain might not make you that happy. 
  2. The sound card is not the worst, but it’s not the best either. It’s actually not the ones you are going to get if you are going to build your own PC. it’s just “okay” for the price of the entire build. But trust me you’ll not want to get it for yourself. So I recommend saving a little more money to buy a more quality sound card. Crisp sounds help you immerse yourself more in the game. So this is one feature this PC could have done better.
  3. A flashcard reader and a DVD drive would have been nice. I understand that it’s a basic PC build. But nowadays, flash card readers are also considered as basic. 
  4. Some of the parts such as the motherboard drive, the cooler, and the SSD are from an unknown manufacturer. Or they aren’t yet in the tier of known reputable brands. So this can put off some people since brand names are quite huge when looking for parts and components of a prebuilt PC. Because you always tend to compare it to building your own rig. Most people would prefer a prebuilt PC with parts coming from known brands. 

Who is it for 

9260 is a basic pre-built rig that has a lot of room for upgrades, so it can serve you well in the future. Since it’s slug and play, it’s also recommended for newbies and those who want a fuss-free rig.

As for the design, the entire look is an old fashioned basic mid-tower chassis. But the RGB flights amped up the ambiance. So if you’re a sucker for LED light, this can make you happy. 

And for specs that are not really high end, this prebuilt PC is surprisingly fast. You can use it to play several fast-paced games. And it’s also useful for everyday tasks and other computer jobs. You may even be able to do video editing and access some demanding applications such as photoshop. 

Those who are willing to pay up a bit more in exchange for a prebuilt PC. Building your own rig can be fun and it gives you more liberty. But not all people are up to it. Albeit tons of tutorial videos on how to build your own PC rig, it’s not for everybody. 

It can play decently fast, this is the most amazing discovery I had with this PC. And it can deliver better frame rates per second (FPS). So you can play shadow of the tomb raider, and hitman 2 on ultra-high settings.

It’s for you if you are looking for an affordable midrange system. 

Who should not buy it

This PC can be used for playing immersive games, but it would not be sufficient for very high demanding games such as Red Dead Redemption 2. You’ll need a PC that can run at 4K. Because this will not definitely work.

If you need a PC with a high graphics setting, you might want to look for one that has a higher quality GPU. 

Streaming with this PC can be acceptable, but if you want clear and crisp images, you better look for other brands. The HP Pavilion 690-0020 is a good choice for this one. 

Final say

Overall, there is something better with a basic PC. And the 926 just surprised me. It’s a highly customizable PC and offers a lot of room for upgrades.