CyberPowerPC Gamer Supreme Review – High End PC Components at a Competitive Price

CyberPowerPC Gamer Supreme review

Cyberpowerpc Gamer Supreme will make other premium brands a run for their money. This gaming PC rig sits between mid-range and high-end brands. But its functions are gearing towards the high-end range. So let’s explore it a bit. And we’ ll also have a look at the components and try it for ourselves to see if the raves are actually true

High end components at a competitive price

For seasoned gamers, replicating a prebuilt gaming pc is possible. It might also save them money by getting components from cheaper sources. But with the CyberPowerPC Gamer Supreme, we discovered that it will be difficult and challenging to replicate this PC gaming rig and come up with the exact price.

With the cost of PC components skyrocketing, you’re better off with a prebuilt one. And the components inside the cyberpowerpc gamer supreme are very functional, it’s not like the cheap ordinary ones you can see from other gaming PCs within its price range.

The price is great for all the included hardware, if you’re going to build one from scratch using the same components, you’ll be spending 20 to 30 percent more. This Is where it may baffle you as to how the brand was able to come up with such a competitive price but maintain high end components.

So we reckon the brand needed to do a cut somewhere, otherwise, it’s not going to be possible. Maybe it has something to do with using a not well known PSU. Though this can be cause for concern, we haven’t encountered any problems yet so far. But we have heard a few complaints about the power source. So if you’re wary about it, you can upgrade to a more polar PSU for your unit.

A lot of storage

This prebuilt PC rig comes with 16 GB of RAM and 1T SSD storage, much higher than what most prebuilt PCs offer at 8GB. So you will have more space for a lot of games. This eliminates the need to buy additional storage space early on. 

4K gaming ready

Equipped with the new Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 (8GB) graphics, you can play 4K games without any hiccups. The PC will allow you to seamlessly stream games at 4K resolution.

You’d also be able to do real-time ray tracing on your favorite games. And the newest one from Nvidia is 50 x faster than its predecessor, the GTX 1070. And we reckon this makes up most, around 70 percent of the total cost of this PC rig. Well, graphics are king and all when it comes to gaming. So when a PC rig is above mid-range price, you have to expect impressive graphics too. 

So we streamed several games at 1080p, and we were very happy with the results. It recorded 99 ps with Shadow at Tomb Raider and 88 fps with Far Cry Primal. So it will indeed level up your gaming experience. We felt fully immersed in the game with crystal clear graphics. 


This gaming PC makes use of Core i9-9900K as its processor. And that would be one of the reasons why it functions more like a high-end PC gaming rig. It’s also equipped with the Core i9 chip that’s capable of multi-threaded applications.

So apart from extraordinary performance in gaming, this PC rig is also capable of multitasking. So you can stream and do intensive CPU applications at the same time. And despite the high-demand, we did not encounter any issues or hiccups. So this PC is definitely a beast when it comes to performance and all.

It’s also very versatile and can fulfill your home office needs. More so, you can do photo editing, video editing, and graphic design seamlessly. We downloaded Adobe creative suite and it works fast. There isn’t any lagging and you can view what you’re working on in full HD resolution. So this Is also ideal for graphic artists slash gamers. You’ll get more bang for your buck. 


This prebuilt PC rig offers several options for connectivity. It has 6 USB 3.1 gen A ports and several USB 2.0 ports. It also has an ethernet port. Moreover, you can also find an HDMI port, a couple of Display ports, and a DVI port. This makes it quite easy to connect your external devices and paraphernalia. In addition, it also has Bluetooth and wifi connection. 

It might seem complete but we also encountered the most common gripes in other gaming desktops, the lack of a USB C port. This seems to be a common denominator in most mid-range PC builds. That is one of the advantages of premium brands. 


Not everyone will fall in love with the design and exterior of the cyberpowerpc gamer supreme.

It is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a tall tower made of brushed black aluminum. It has a tempered glass panel on one side where you can see the interiors and all the components of the rig. And the other side has that sleek aluminum material.

Though there is a hint of elegance due to the brushed black aluminum material, tower PCs aren’t really in thing these days. That’s why the design may be a yay or a nay for you. Also, tower PCs often have a DVD reader/writer. And since the cyberpowerpc gamer supreme doesn’t have one, others might not see the need for such a tall chassis.

It’s also equipped with a baffle cooling hole on the right side. This prevents the PC from getting too hot during demanding games. We find it very efficient in cooling the PC during peak performance. It goes by its name, needless to say. 

The flashing lights inside the chassis are also left to the eye of the beholder. Some love it while others abhor it, they find the lights show too gamey for their liking. Gamers or enthusiasts who are big on RGB lights and all will be the ones to appreciate this feature. 


  1. This prebuilt gaming pc also comes with a mouse with lots of buttons on it. But the problem is, it doesn’t have a manual that explains how to use all the buttons on the mouse. So it’s quite baffling why it was there in the first place. A manual would have helped you maximize the functions of the mouse. 
  2. Packaging and shipping were decent and fast. It was neatly and properly packed and we received the unit without any damage or dents.
  3. This gaming PC is very easy to power on. You can use it straight out of the box. And greenhorns in gaming will also be able to fiddle through the system quite easily. It doesn’t have a learning curve and it’s a plug and play kind of unit. 
  4. As we have mentioned earlier, the design and aesthetics of this gaming PC is not everyone’s slice of cake. It’s either you love it or hate it. Some find it old fashioned because it’s a tower, while some still love the elegant brushed black aluminum exterior. 
  5. The graphics are outstanding. When you’re streaming games, it’s probably the most important aspect of a PC gaming rig. And with a 4k ready system, this will not disappoint even the most discerning eye.
  6. The performance of this PC built is impressive that we can’t argue enough how efficient and functional it is. It’s equipped with one of the best processors and can handle multitasking quite well.
  7. The cooling system works to a T. the PC did n even put out any heat at all. Apart from the performance and graphics, this is also one of our favorite features.
  8. Despite its powerful performance, this PC runs very quietly. It’s meek as a mouse and won’t even become noisy even when you’re playing demanding games. 
  9. This pc built is perfect for the multitasker. It can fill in your gaming needs, your home office needs, and your editing needs. As we have mentioned earlier, it’s a beast in terms of performance.  
  10. It offers more storage than the average midrange PC.
  11. The PSU used is not from a well-known brand so this can be a cause of concern for some. As we know, an unreliable PSU is a great concern, it can cause your entire PC to just shut down. 
  12. 13. The cyberpowerpc gamer supreme Is more expensive than any mid-range gaming PC but it is indeed cheaper and more affordable than the premium brands. It functions and feels more like a premium brand. But the treat is you’ll enjoy the high end components without the premium price. So it’s worth the investment.