7 Best office chairs for long hours of sitting in 2021

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Get your home office ready for 2021. Here are the most comfortable ergonomic chairs you can buy. Sitting for long hours need not be a pain in the ass. 

Steelcase gesture ($1000)

Perhaps the most undermined feature is how intuitive it is to adjust the chair. Before, many users actually didn’t mind where the adjustment controls are located. Even if it is distributed throughout the chair, it did not seem like a bother at all.

But nowadays multitasking is a way of living. An intuitive design can spark a lot of conveniences. And this is also one of the reasons why this chair is on my list. All of the controls for adjustments are located on the right side of the chair. It is also very easy to locate them. 

All the controls related to adjusting the back part of the chair are located on the backside. And all controls for adjusting the seat are located in the front.s So everything is handed to you in a spoon, you don’t need to guess what each control is for.

It’s also highly adjustable. One of the most notable adjustable features is that the chair can provide continuous support for whatever posture the user has. It has several adjustable options for the recline. Also, it even includes a two-stop on between the recline. 

So everyone can find the most comfortable spot for the back. It also includes an adjustable lumbar that you can easily access with the handle located on the sides of the chair. And it as one of the things that I always find lacking even in other premium brands- the adjustable seat depth 

Interestingly, it has very unique adjustable arms that you will not find in other ergonomic chairs. 

The armrests can adjust to the full range of motion of human arms. So instead of the usual 4-way adjustable arms, this brand has adjustable robotic-like arms that you can use to position the arms in whichever way it’s most comfortable for you. 

Overall, the Gesture might have everything you want in an ergonomic chair. And among the chairs in my top list, the Gesture seems to cater to more users. It’s adjustable features cover a wide range. So almost everyone will find this ergonomic chair comfortable for working longer hours.

Humanscale Liberty ($1069)

This ergonomic chair is my best bet for a mesh back office chair. If you’re looking for a simple chair with a modern design, the Liberty fits the bill. 

What’s unique about this simple office chair is that it has great mobility even if it does not have many controls and adjustable features. But it does have a weight-sensitive recliner. So whatever your size and height are, the recline can adjust to you accordingly. 

And as I’ve mentioned in the beginning, it’s the best mesh chair for me. The Liberty is made of a different type of mesh material. It has a tri panels backrest that renders it with a 3 dimensional back. So no matter your shape or size, the mesh back will instantly confirm the shape of your back. 

And despite the lumbar support adjustable, it cradles the spine well. So you will still find it comfortable for sitting for longer hours. And since the chair doesn’t have many knobs and has very few levers for adjustment, it’s not bulky. It’s super sleek. 

However, the shipping time is too long. It will take approximately a month before you can receive it. So if you’re looking for a chair that you can use asap, this is not it.

Overall, it’s a modern mesh chair with high mobility. Even if it lacks adjustable features, it can be comfortable for both tall and short users. And since it lacks the knobs for adjustment and manual controls, it sure is comfortable for the back. 

Herman Miller Mirra 2 (starts at $675)

My list won’t be complete without an Herman Miller chair. And this time, the Mirra 2 took the place of the infamous Herman Miller Aeron.

Aesthetically speaking, this is my favorite chair out of this list. It looks innovative, quirky and it’s just so unique. It has a sleek design that can also fit in small spaces. So it’s also a perfect chair for your home office. 

You can customize the chair and it offers a lot of options. You can also opt to go for a butterfly suspension back. You can also choose a better wheel for the chair depending on whether you have carpeted floors or laminated ones. 

Moreover, it also has a lot of adjustable features that can make you comfortable for long hours. These are the adjustable arms, lumbar support, tilt, and seat depth. 

Like all Herman Miller chairs, you get to enjoy a very generous 12-year warranty. But you’ll be getting the Mirra 2 for a more affordable price than the Aeron.

Overall, it’s an aesthetically pleasing, sleek, and comfortable ergonomic chair. If you love to have lots of customizable features and a unique and eye-catching office chair, you will love the Mirra 2

Autonomous ErgoChair 2 ($300)

The Autonomous Ergochair 2 is one of the more affordable ergonomic chairs on my list. This is mostly made from plastic with a mesh back and a cushioned seat. Hence, the lower price. But it doesn’t feel too shabby.

It has several adjustable features such as height adjustment, seat depth, 2 tilt positions, headrest, lumbar support, and arms. It has a lot of adjustable features. So you can improve your workspace and ergonomics at an affordable cost. It even has a seat depth that most expensive chairs lack.

The gripes, however, is that the seat height range is rather narrow, it offers only a total of 2.5 inches. So the limitation of the chair is it might not go high enough for really tall people. Though at 6 ‘2”, you’ll still find it comfortable especially with the mesh headrest, but higher than that, you’ll find it lacking. 

In a nutshell, this is a very affordable ergonomic chair that has lots of adjustment levels. You’ll be able to find one that can make you comfortable for long hours.

Eurotech High Back Ergonomic Chair ($869)

This high back chair by Eurotech is equipped with a bionic spine technology. It’s the first of its kind. This technology can provide pressure relief for a lot of users. Thus, making it comfortable to sit on for longer hours. Moreover, it’s equipped with pressure-sensitive assistance that can adjust the level of support spending on your size and weight. So it can conform to the shape of your spine, making you more comfortable. 

This means that this chair can auto-adjust to fit the level of comfort a user needs. So you don’t need to do any manual adjustments. In addition, you’ll also find the armrest very comfortable. They are cushioned and well padded, so it’s rather comfortable to use for long hours. 

Two, the adjustable headrest offers three different positions that can fit more users. And three, you can also adjust the seat height, back angle, and tilt tension of the chair

Another feature worth mentioning is the impressive lumbar support. The chair’s lumbar support is not adjustable, but it offers very impressive and unique support. It pushes further than the higher portion of the backrest. So the pressure applied will depend on your weight. Thus, the support will be more customizable.

Overall, it’s a breathable mesh chair with amazing lumbar support and very comfortable armrests. It also has several adjustment levels that can fit your individual needs. 

best office chair for long hours of sitting 2021

Runner ups

Here are also some of my favorite ergonomics chairs. They might have missed the top, but they are still great options. 

Herman Miller Aeron (starts at $995)

Herman Miller chair - best office chair for long hours of sitting

The Areon has been on my list for quite some time. It’s one of the most comfortable premium chairs I have ever sat on. From the mesh back to the seat up to the frames, everything is premium and well made. Though the chair does offer 3 sizes to meet the needs of most users, I am still missing the adjustable seat depth. But as I’ve said before, if you fit in an Aeron chair, you won’t need to buy any other ergonomic chair. 

Steel Case Leap ( starts at $811)

 Much like the Gesture, the Leap also offers a lot of customizable options. It also offers several adjustable features. Like the Aeron, this chair is also well made and durable. And this is an office chair you might want to get if you are heavier. It can accommodate those who weigh up to 400 lbs. And it has a wide range of ergonomic adjustable features.


Our top picks for the most comfortable chair for 2021 focused more on the different adjustable features that can cater to more users. Some chairs slipped off my lists such as the Aeron and the Leap, but these are still great options. This article refered by the post Top 21 Best Comfortable Computer Chairs For Long Hours from Standingdesktopper