Why PC gaming is better than console

Why PC gaming is better than console

The next-generation consoles are coming out soon. But should you indulge in one? Let’s see why you’re better off with your PC.

More customization

You can buy a prebuilt PC or you can build your own. You also have the liberty to choose where you want to invest in more specs or you can buy one with the latest gaming settings at a higher price. 

And if you are on a budget, you can settle for a basic unit first, and upgrade when you have the extra money to spend. 

So you make your own timeline. You can upgrade whenever you are ready, and not just because the unit comes with it. And that is what often happens with gaming consoles. You buy it as it is, so you don’t get to pick what candy you want from the jar. 

Then are three components of a PC that players often get upgrades for. If you want clear images and videos, you can switch to a more high-quality GPU or graphics card. Alternatively, if you need more space in your computer for an additional library of games, you can buy memory sticks or RAM with more space. So there is a lot of room for growth and you get to dictate when you’d get a performance upgrade and nobody else.

Moreover, you can hack open your PC and upgrade the parts that you want to. You can even rebuild it from scratch. You can also make customizations on games. You can change the way the visuals appear. And you can tweak several settings. You won’t be able to do the same thing with your gaming console. 

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Better visuals

What’s better than playing Gear of War or Split Second on multiple monitors? Nothing! That’s another reason to love PC gaming more than consoles. You have an option to play your favorite games using multiple monitors. And I don’t think you can do that on a gaming console. 

Say you’re playing Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. This is a beautifully designed video game that will take you through the vast galaxy while onboard a huge neon battleships. It’s an enchanting game and you can amp up the experience with multiple monitors.

Full customization of controls

Consoles limit how you play. But with PC gaming, it’s like the sky’s the limit. You can choose your gaming peripherals. If you want to enjoy the freedom of wireless controllers like that of a gaming console, you absolutely can. You can connect your PC to your HDTV using an HDMI cord to go wireless. And you can also opt to use a joystick instead.  

And one more catch, you can’t use a mouse with a gaming console. You might be asking, why would I want to use a mouse when I can enjoy the freedom of movement with a wireless controller? Well because using a mouse is better for gaming that needs more precision. So simply put, you can only use a wireless controller with your console. But with your PC, you have multiple options. 

And did you know that you can also use an Xbox controller? You can also have a race car controller. 

Free PC games

You can never get a single free game from a console. But you can find a ton of free to play games for your PC, ready to download anytime. 

You can see a lot of free titles on the net that can be as exciting as the paid ones. And free games are quite proliferating right now that you might not even have to buy new game titles for quite some time. So you can expand your gaming library without even having to shell out a single dollar.  

PC games cost less

Console game titles can be rather expensive. But why is it that PC games are relatively cheaper? Because there is a vast majority of PC games sold on every digital platform. And because the majority of PC games are distributed digitally, this lowers the markup cost, so I guess. 

And it might also be because console gaming is a newer player compared to PC gaming. So might be seeing a decrease in console gaming prices once a new one becomes available in the market.

Backwards compatibility

If you want to play older games on a modern setup, it’s going to be more feasible for a PC rather than a console. PC has more built-in compatibility mode. Most players even tag backward compatibility as one of the top three advantages of PC gaming.

Sure your consoles may have backward compatibility, but it is spotty. It’s like a phone that has lost its signal in the midst of a field. That’s how spotty it can be. That’s one limitation of physical media. Once the setup is new, you won’t have access to the old games.

PC gaming, being more digital in nature, it’s king when it comes to backward compatibility. Digital media platforms aren’t likely to go out of circulation if I must say. It can stay for a very long time. So you can play games that span years ago. 

Repairs and warranty

All gaming consoles pretty much offer the same one year warranty. And you can’t do any DIY repairs on your console. Otherwise, it will render your warranty void. So you cannot do any troubleshooting on your own. If it becomes a bit fuzzy, you have to bring it in for a repair or risk your warranty getting forfeited.

PC manufacturers are quite lenient in these areas. Even if you have done some repairs on your PC, that won’t covid your warranty immediately. And if you build your own PC gaming setup, every part or component has its own warranty. So you have better coverage if anything was to go wrong. 

Same console experience

You can enjoy the console experience at a cheaper price. If you’re going to purchase a second-hand prebuilt PC, you can enjoy the complete specs that a console can have. Or better yet, just build a PC gaming setup that has all the works.

In addition, it’s a common misconception that you are tied down to a desk and an office or gaming chair, if you are playing on your PC., let’s see why that is incorrect.

One of the luxuries of playing with your console is that you can comfortably lie on the couch while having your feet up on the fluffy footrest. You can do the same with your PC. Just hook up your PC to a TV using HDMI and you can play comfortably on your sofa. 


You can play free online games with your PC right? And if you do want to play online games with your console, that can still be. But you have to spend money on a membership. Annual memberships can run from 20 to 60 dollars, depending on if you’re using a Nintendo, XBOX, or Playstation. 

Even if it might not seem a lot for a whole year’s charge, still there is a charge. And the payment cost can pile up for some time. And this is one-way console manufacturers make money. So why indulge them when you can play online for free with a PC?

Sometimes, you might see monthly membership or even discounts on games. But even if the cost is lowered, still the charge is higher. And online multiplayer is also free on our PC. 

PC exclusive games

Gaming consoles pride themselves on having exclusive gaming titles. But now you can also experience the same with PC gaming. Several games are exclusive to PCs only. 

Smoother frames

It’s interesting to know that even a PC from 2011 can perform better than an Xbox or a PS4. PCs have better frames, higher resolution, and much better load times. Especially if your PC is upgraded to the seams, it can perform way better than any gaming console. 

And if you love pretty visuals, nothing can beat that of a PC. You get better visuals because you can control the shading, texture, resolution, and graphic depth. 


You can connect your PC to your old TV using HDMI. It virtually works with any display and any resolution. 

More games

You can enjoy more extensive libraries of games. And every player would love that! Moreover, most multiplayer platform games run way better on your PC.


PC gaming can give gaming consoles a run for their money. Players who want a lot of customization and options would love the perks of a gaming PC. Everything is pretty customizable, even the price. And PC gaming also gives you more internal and external controls. 

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