The Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud Elements in Customer Service

Salesforce Service Cloud

The present era belongs to the subscription-based world where support services are now converted into a vital business element to gain most from the functioning. In such a scenario, the role of Salesforce Service Cloud is turning into a crucial one as it offers the most prominent personalized experience to the customers of any organization. 

The main aspect of the given cloud solution is that it takes the procedure of customer support to a whole new level and helps the service team to track the history, cases, and orders from them in the best possible manner. 

One can think of Service Cloud as a perfect platform that will cater to your business needs in the most effective manner. There are numerous components in the kitty of Salesforce Service Cloud that have the capacity to increase the productivity of the agent to offer effective services to their customers. Here are some of the effect features that have made the given cloud platform ‘boss’ on the customer service solution:

Lightning Console: The only way to enhance the company’s output

The Lighting or Service Console is a tool that offers as much information (related to case history and profiles) about the customers that will be needed to work for each case in the most productive way. What does it contain? It comes with enormous features and displays:

  • A list view to have easy navigation among the customer’s records
  • A highlight panel to take the necessary step to be taken on the case
  • A case feed that showcases info related to call logs, changes made in the record, and posts between the service team and customers 
  • A knowledge component that allows attachment of the previous case-related articles to the present one 
  • A utility bar that improves the productivity of the members of service teams by taking a cue from previous records appropriately 

A tool that is worth mentioning here is Macros that is used by Service Cloud consultants to automate repetitive tasks that helps in a significant reduction in multiple steps down to just one click. In this way, there is a great saving of the customer’s issues and also reduction in the service delivery time. 

Live Agent: Face to Face Chatting with Customers from any Device

It is a component of Service Cloud software that permits customers to have direct one-to-one communication with their service agent through websites and even smartphones. It has the distinction of having a higher customer satisfaction rate (as high as 63%) than any other Salesforce medium. 

Do you know why Live Agent is filling the shoes to offer the best customer service to deliver a successful result? Then the answer is a high level of experience in dealing with people. Yes, they have the talent to talk to even the most disgruntled customers and take them into their fold. How do they do it? They perform it through offering:

  • Cross-channel consistency to have easy switching between different channels to ensure there is no break-point in communication with the customers
  • 3600 view for all customer-agent interaction through a tool called Chat Transcripts to work with clients to offer them better customer service on a single platform 
  • Knowledge integration so to convey the message to the customers within the chat in the most progressive manner 
  • Handling of multiple chats to avoid customers to wait for long and get an immediate response even when they are present on multiple online channels 

Besides, they also offer personalized experiences through mobile or smartphone so to permit customers to launch knowledge articles directly from their device. Moreover, they come with management experience through real-time monitoring to prevent misuse of the online platform from both sides. 

Case Management: Streamline Pipeline for Perfect Customer Service 

If you want to resolve cases faster without compromising with visibility for the record for each interaction with customers; dial to case management offered by a reputed Salesforce consultant. With the help of case management, it becomes easy for an agent to track, record, and manage customer’s issues across sales and services easily and swiftly. 

What’s more, they can create cases successfully from the web, and even email by managing them in queues. That’s saying, case management is delivering popular mandate through:

  • Assigning cases to the right agent automatically 
  • Making seamless service procedures to reflect customer support as per their demand 
  • Offer daily basis updates and alerts whenever there is a need of performing an action 
  • View customer interaction in a timeline to make the case appear as a flexible one 

Social Customer Service: For Offering Faster Response to Acquire Positive Feedback

Everyone in today’s world cannot live without social media. Yes, the given medium now controls the psyche of every person who is indulged in the digital world. Fortunately, the customer support team of Service Cloud comes with tools that can monitor, manage and control cases from posts and twits and even resolve them when the need arises. 

Numerous aspects make social customer service the best one from the wonders of Salesforce Service Cloud. Some of them are:

  • Customer Support Present Everywhere 

There is wide support to the customers that are present on multiple social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Moreover, the combination of Service Cloud with Social Studio, another Salesforce tool helps in offering social customer care requests directly to the dashboard. 

  • Provision of Social Service in a Smarter Way

It assists agents to resolve all the issues in the right direction and allows them to interact with the customers with the best available online social media channel precisely. 

  • Service Wave Analytics: Focus on Turning Insight into Action

If an organization has a massive collection of data but can’t utilize it; then it is of no use. To prevent the conversion of data into the garbage, Service Cloud comes with Salesforce Wave Analytics. It helps in keeping all the data at one platform; analyze it to offer valuable insight just from the beginning. 

Why even certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultants vouch for the given analytical tool? The answer is:

  • It is exclusively built natively in the Salesforce cloud so provide high speed and security to have a consistent view of data and avail new insights
  • It uses data science to make accurate predictions to make better decisions for the business for the users
  • It quickly deploys pre-built apps and even built custom apps for industries such as healthcare, retail, financial, and others
  • It permits easy access to the data by employees so that they can offer a mobile and intuitive experience to their customers 
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI): A Tool to Win Heart of the Customers

Salesforce CRM is the most popular platform to track leads and evaluate them. Nowadays, Salesforce also lets people make a phone call using an exciting system called CTI. It is a tool to connect phone and computer systems through either open CTI systems or APIs. So, there is no trouble for the customers to adapt to the given cloud structure as there is no need to download adapters specially designed for service providers. 

How CTI is beneficial for Service Cloud agents and customers? There are two major reasons behind it. First is it helps closing more deals to convert customers into clients. The second is that it provides a high satisfaction rate among the customers. Furthermore, other crucial benefits define the proficiency of the given tool, let’s check out:

  • Helps in reduction of time taken to handle the average call
  • Increase in first time call resolution rate 
  • Automatic dialing allows more outreach to the customers 
  • Massive improvement in the support and service 

Thus, the agent is relaxed as they now can know about their potential customers without picking their calls. What’s more, just with a click, they can call the customers automatically without touching their phone. In addition, one can also use functionalities such as automatic dialing, screen popping, and phone control efficiently. So perfect, isn’t it? 


There is one thing that makes Salesforce Service Cloud stand out among the crowd! It is a binding force to connect Salesforce service providers with their customers in the most proficient way. Such that no other Salesforce product is unable to do so! 

It is one such Salesforce platform that creates an environment for an efficient connection and interaction with customers without the involvement of external forces. Moreover, no one can forget its Lightning console tool to bring the best out of any service. 

Now, it is the right time to find out what is right for you. Allow reputed Salesforce consulting services to help you to realize your business needs by preparing a roadmap of your vision and turn them into the most successful one.