What is Software Localization and why is it important for Global Companies

To reach potential customers in this era of digitalization, software localization is the need of an hour. Due to technological advancement and innovation, there is fierce competition in the market. Global companies require a localization strategy to compete in the globalized digital world. They are developing their software to be used inside and outside the company for customers. With the help of internal software, the head offices of global companies can easily access subsidiaries. If the software is localized then no matter in which corner of the world your employees are, they can access the company’s standardized rules and regulations. For external customers, companies localize their software so that customers have access to their products and services online.

Software Localization

 What is Software Localization?

Software localization is a step ahead of basic translation. It helps in changing the user interface according to the cultural, regional, and linguistic nuance. It is not about what you are saying; it focuses on how you are saying it. Customers and employees have a great user experience if they can interact with the interface of the given page, screen, or window in a familiar way. It deals with the translation of the software considering all the local and regional intricacies. Translation of software in multiple languages will help global companies to reach a wider audience.

 Process of Software Localization

Software Localization is a tedious process comprising software translation and software adaptation. The process of software localization includes the alteration of the following graphical user interface.

  •   Menu
  •   Dialogue boxes
  •   CTA buttons
  •   Error and status messages
  •   Different Media and other graphical scripts.

It is very important to know that software localization and documentation are two distinct things. The traditional document translation is the process in which a source document is translated. Software localization is the method that needs to be continued with the development of the source product. In comparison with traditional document translation. Software translation involves testing, software engineering, and desktop publishing.

Importance of Software Localization for Global Companies

You need to localize your software for making your mark in global markets. Some people are of the view that software localization will have increased administrative and overhead costs, and it will slow down the process of software release. It is true, but the ROI it will provide you is worth these difficulties. Let us have a look at why software localization is important for global companies.

Satisfying the Customer Requirement  

Software localization is more than just a translation. It deals with adapting the content and user interface as per the peculiarities of local culture. Global companies often spend millions on the development of software and translate it. It is often not according to the culture of the target market and leads to offensive results. Software localization will help you in dealing with such havoc results. Software localization helps in creating a more user-friendly user experience for a diverse range of customers. It further helps in converting software browsers to software users.

Enhancing your Customer Base

Enhancing the company’s potential customer base is the requirement of today’s digital world. Modifying the software through translation and localization is a great tool for global growth. Professional localization helps to mitigate the barrier for new potential customers because localized software penetrates the local markets in a better way and restricts cultural barriers. Software localization inclines consumers to learn about your software and enhances the customer base. Many global companies have increased their customer base by incorporating localization in their software.

 Mitigates Barrier for New Entrants

The software localization process is time taking pursuit, but it will speed up the process of entering the new market through localized software. It mitigates the cultural barriers. The customers further will spread the word about your software. Global companies that indulge in software localization see customer engagement and they are able to grab the market share from a diverse customer base.

 Increases the Sales

When more people start using your platform, then more people will be interested in your software. And obviously, it will have a positive impact on sales. The best part is that software localization will attract clients who speak languages other than English. An increase in sales will boost revenue. Let’s check how.

According to Common Sense Advisory: 

  •   72% of people spend time on websites that are in their native language.
  •   50% of people are of the view that obtaining information in the customer’s language is more important than the price of the product. 
  •   72 % of users stated that they will be prone to buy the product if the product description is in the customer’s native language.

Wrapping Up

Software localization helps to satisfy the customers, increase the customer base, mitigate the barrier for new entrants, increase the click rates, and increase sales. It helps to take your software business to the next level.  Software localization is equally important for all global companies. Whether you need software for HR or you want software for sales, the worth of localization cannot be underestimated. There are many opportunities in the global market. To avail of these opportunities and to grab the attention of global customers, you need to go for software localization