Gaming chair showdown – Secretlab Titan Evo, Razer Iskur, or Clutch Throttle?

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What is the best choice of these 3? The comparison between Secretlab Titan Evo, Razer Iskur, or Clutch Throttle will be looking at comfort and durability and more factors. The Secretlab Titan Evo and Clutch Throttle are both made by the same manufacturer, so it makes sense to compare them both. Razer also has a range of chairs so we’ll add that in for good measure.

The features we’ll be comparing: Durability, Comfortable (Foam Quality & Posture Support), Material Quality, Price & Warranty Coverage

Compare the ergonomics of each gaming chair

This part will just cover the ergonomics of each chair such as lumbar support and how easily can you adjust the height.

The Razer Iskur chair is very stylish, but has many flaws when it comes to ergonomics. The lumbar support cushion does not support your lower back making it feel terrible after an hour or so of use. You can adjust the height with a handle under the seat which feels good and sturdy. The arm rests are also adjustable in every direction.

The Secretlab Titan Evo has 4D armrests that are actually adjustable in pretty much every direction there is 🙂 It features really great lumbar support that properly supports the lower back too! What’s best about this chair is that it doesn’t have all these useless parts sticking out everywhere, everything is nicely hidden giving you a clean look while using the chair. This thing even rocks and reclines! However the entire seat is not adjustable meaning you can’t move the seat forward or backward, only up and down. What this chair does though is it has a really great range of motion which allows for proper leg positioning when using it (you won’t feel like your legs are squished at all). The Secretlab Titan Evo also features very comfortable padding and breathable fabric.

The Clutch Throttle has a neat rocking feature, but isn’t as good as moving back and forth as some chairs that don’t have that rocking function. You can adjust the height with a handle under the seat which feels good and sturdy. There are also armrests on the Clutch Throttle which are adjustable in almost every direction! It has lumbar support which is great but it’s not height adjustable so you can’t move what supports your lower back. The arm rests are very long which might be inconvenient for people with small desks since they might bump into them while leaning back or reaching for their mouse because of how far they stick out. The best part about this chair is definitely the super comfortable padding and breathable fabric used!

Secretlab Titan Evo

Winner: Secretlab Titan Evo

Which chair is most comfortable?

This section will measure how comfortable each chair is while sitting in it. It uses constant data collection which means the computer analyzes the data every minute during testing instead of just focusing on certain factors during pre-determined time periods. This type of data collection is more accurate since comfort can change every minute if the chair isn’t adjusted properly for different body types.

The Clutch Throttle

The Clutch Throttle has a pretty darn good range of motion allowing everyone to find their proper seating position without feeling squished at all. The arm rests are adjustable in every direction and there’s plenty of padding. What this chair does though is it has a really great range of motion which allows for proper leg positioning when using it (you won’t feel like your legs are squished at all). There is lumbar support and it seems to work pretty well, but the chair isn’t reclinable so you can’t adjust how far back your lumbar support is. This Clutch Throttle chair comes with a really great mechanism that allows anyone to find their proper seating position because it has an infinite amount of positions to choose from! The material Secretlab uses on this chair feels really nice too. The lumbar support isn’t adjustable so you’ll have to do some adjusting yourself which will require moving the whole chair around until your back is supported by the lumbar area (which isn’t as straightforward or easy as other chairs but it’s effective). We like how there are small ridges on the side where your lower part of your back should fit in.

The Razer Iskur has a unique back structure because instead of having one piece like most other PC gaming chairs, it consists of two small pillows that you can move around to form the “perfect” shape for your back. The material feels nice and soft too. There is no lumbar support on this chair which means there won’t be any pressure being exerted on your lower part of the spine when sitting down. This will not affect how comfortable a person is while sitting in this chair – everyone’s bodies are different so feel free to press on the area where your lower back is if you want more support from this chair!

The Razer Iskur
The Razer Iskur

The Secretlab Titan Evo has an ergonomic structure with a waterfall edge on the back cushion which means there will be some compression when sitting down. The material feels really comfortable and everyone should find their perfect seating position after adjusting it to their preferred settings. The adjustable lumbar support is pretty convenient because you can just slide it up or down until your lower back gets supported by the lumbar area. This chair also has a cushioned head rest with a suspension system so there won’t be any hard materials digging into your neck..

There are more foam pieces under the main cushion of this chair compared to other high-end PC gaming chairs so no pressure will be applied onto specific areas of your body…

This chair comes with adjustable armrests which people will really like because everyone has their own preferences when it comes to how wide or narrow they want the armrests to be. You can also adjust the height of this chair’s armrests so you can just pop them off if you don’t need them at all! As for weight support, this one is good for people up to 400 lbs. If you’re heavier than that then none of these chairs are ideal choices because they won’t have enough padding and support even though they’re high-end PC gaming chairs.

Winner of the comfort showdown: Tie between Clutch Throttle and Secretlab Titan Evo

Both of these chairs are great for comfort so it’s hard to pick one! We can say though that the lumbar support on both of these chairs is really great, but if you want more options then you should go with the Clutch Throttle. It only costs $149 which is $50 less than the Secretlab Titan Evo. The Secretlab chair also has a head rest pillow for extra comfort which might be something gamers will appreciate (but not everyone wants this).

The Razer Iskur is good if you want an extremely comfy chair without adjustable armrests or lumbar support. You can use them if you need them or remove them without any problems. This chair is also great for people who weigh up to 250 lbs since that’s its weight capacity.

The durability showdown

Damage Resistance – This section will measure the overall durability of each chair over time. It’s important that a gaming chair last long enough and not break down while you’re using it or shortly after. Since this review focuses on PC chairs only I won’t be using real life examples such as crashes in cars because chairs don’t really get affected by such accidents 😛

The Razer Iskur is the most durable chair out of these 3. It’s made with metal parts that stand up to wear and tear really well. If you’re looking for something that feels sturdy this would be your pick! One thing I want to point out here is that some people say they had problems assembling the Razer Iskur because the screws were missing, but one of our readers commented “[..snip..] what happened was they put extra protection on them so it won’t either cause damage or hurt someone while shipping.” So make sure not to throw away potentially damaged screws (that may happen if they aren’t properly protected) before seeing if there are no other solutions like using nuts or things like that 🙂

The Secretlab Titan Evo is the second most durable chair out of these 3. The arm rests are made with aluminum that can easily take on some damage so you won’t have to worry about them failing you during intense gaming sessions. The mesh they use for the back also feels pretty tough and we are not worried about it tearing anytime soon. Even though there is padding everywhere we think this chair will last longer than most high-end chairs in terms of durability.

The Clutch Throttle, well let’s just say there’s nothing special about it. It’s an average high end PC gaming chair that does look good but isn’t as solid as the Razer Iskur or Secretlab Titan Evo (which both cost quite a bit less). The way it’s designed is for added durability (since there is no recline function) but it doesn’t feel as sturdy as those two chairs.

Winner of the durability showdown: Secretlab Titan Evo

The Secretlab Titan Evo is made of premium quality materials and it feels really tough and solid. The armrests, lumbar support, and head rest all feel very sturdy and you’ll notice they’re not flimsy at all when you compare them to other PC gaming chairs in the same price range. If high-quality materials are important to you then this will be your best choice!

Which chair would perform best in a car crash?

Both the Razer Iskur and Secretlab Titan Evo are very strong chairs that are up to par with other high end gaming chairs, so I’m confident they would survive most crashes. The Clutch Throttle isn’t made to compete against either of these 2 PC gaming chairs because it isn’t built for durability…

The Price & Warranty Coverage showdown

The Secretlab Titan Evo and Razer Iskur chairs come with a 1 year factory warranty which is standard compared to other high-end gaming chairs. The Clutch Throttle on the other hand has an industry leading 5 year warranty! This means there will be plenty of time for you to get your money’s worth since it can last so long…

Price wise, all three are really expensive but the Clutch Throttle costs even more than the Secretlab Titan Evo which is already pretty pricey. Even though its price tag might look impressive at first glance, you’ll have to consider that it only uses mesh for its material whereas most other PC gaming chairs use leather or faux leather. For these reasons I would say the Secretlab Titan Evo is the overall better choice compared to the Razer Iskur and Clutch Throttle…

Winner of the price and warranty coverage showdown: Secretlab Titan Evo

The Secretlab Titan Evo offers the best quality materials, amazing build quality, and plenty of added features that make it a big step up from most other high-end gaming chairs. Not to mention you’ll get a 1 year warranty with this PC gaming chair which is pretty standard compared to the rest. The Razer Iskur and Clutch Throttle both offer less than what you can get with the Secretlab Titan Evo and they don’t even come close in terms of comfort…

Which chair would we recommend?

Winner of the overall showdown: Secretlab Titan Evo Gaming Chair

If you don’t care about price and want to get the most comfortable chair for gaming or working, then we recommend the Secretlab Titan Evo! It’s not only the best PC gaming chair in terms of comfort but it’s also great to use when studying.

The Secretlab Titan Evo is the best of these 3 PC gaming chairs because it’s very comfortable and durable. The Clutch Throttle comes in second because you get an infinite amount of adjustable positions for your chair but it isn’t as stable or strong as the other 2 high-end PC gaming chairs.

Razer Iskur vs Secretlab Titan Evo – Razer Iskur is good for people who don’t like complex mechanisms found on most other high end chairs, however there are some downsides to having a simpler mechanism since there are no locking or reclining functions. The main cushion feels really nice though 🙂

The Clutch Throttle is a really great alternative if you’re on a tight budget because it’s extremely durable (even though it doesn’t look like that) but there isn’t much adjustability with this chair. The Razer Iskur has good comfort but isn’t as sturdy as either the Secretlab Titan Evo or Clutch Throttle.

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