Best Gaming PC Headset Under 100$

Best Gaming PC Headset Under 100

Let’s take a look at some of the best gaming headsets for your 100 dollar budget. These brands are quite versatile and can be used across the board.

1. Cooler Master Mh751 ($ 79)

It’s one of the more popular choices on our Best Gaming PC Headset Under 100$ list. Let’s see what the raves are all about.

Along with your purchase, you’ll get the detached mike, 3.5 m audio cable with the inline controls, and a splitter for your PC. I must say that I am just in the process of unboxing the unit and I find all the braided cables heavy duty. It seems it’s built to last.

The headset is quite small but it’s packed well. The box has a soft foam that cradles the headset. And it’s quite thick too, so that protects the unit from scratches and dents while in transit. 

This headset does not look gamey and it’s not bulky compared to almost all gaming headsets. Rather it looks crisp, sharp, snug-fitting. And albeit it’s small, it feels rather comfortable and cozy. It snugs well and there are no pressure points. The padding is comfortable and soft enough, both on the ear cups and headband.

Let’s elaborate more on the features

  1. The ear cups are leather and have very soft padding inside. May I just reiterate the word soft? If it’s the plush comfort you want, it’s what you’ll get with this headset. The same goes for the headband.
  2. The expandable band is firm and it locks in place. You’ll hear a subtle sound as you adjust it. So you’ll know when it’s firmly locked. So even with a sudden jerky movement, it won’t just slide off. It also has metal reinforcement that’s why it also feels durable.
  3. The ear cups have a nice swivel.
  4. The cables are connected to a headset, as you would any other brands. But what sets it apart is that you can lock the connection in place by twisting the cables. So it won’t easily detach from the headset even if you accidentally pull it.

As for the sound, it’s quite solid. The sound is crisp and clear across the board. It was well balanced so I am very happy with the sound quality. 

Some gripes

I did mention that the headband is rather soft. It has the same soft material as the earplugs. But here’s the catch, there’s a certain portion on the band that has a tough plastic material, maybe about two inches from the ear cups. So if you have a bigger and wider head, you might feel the thick plastic material on the side of your head. 

Also, the unit has several small plastic brackets connecting the ear cups to the band. Though it does not seem flimsy. But it’s still plastic and it’s quite thin. So I am not sure if it would hold up pretty well with constant use.

And for an impressive product, it just comes with a standard cloth pouch where you can store your headset.


It’s the real value of your money. The sound is the clearest among the headsets that I reviewed. And It’s also the most snug-fitting.

2. Hyper X cloud X ($99.99)

This model is the first Xbox gaming headset of the brand, but it can also be used across the board. The build of this headset is quite similar to Cloud 1 and 2. So it looks clean and well built. It has a black and silver exterior and leather padding on the ear cups and headband. It’s also equipped with braided cables with inline control. This is where you can adjust the volume or mute the microphone. 

The braided cable can be connected to our Xbox controller or the headset adapter. You may also use it on your PS4 or mobile device and PC. So it’s quite versatile.

Here are some features:

  1. You’ll be getting a headset case, soft velcro earcap replacement, PC splitter cables, and the detachable mic with your purchase. The hardshell case looks cool, and it has a nice holder for your boom mike. 
  2. They have leather cups, but it doesn’t heat up as much compared to other brands. The microphone is pretty flexible and positions nicely. 
  3. The microphone is pretty clear and crisp.

Some gripes

The braided cable is fixed to the headset. It’s not removable.

And the design is not for everybody. I find it too rugged.


The accessories, especially the hardshell case that it comes with, is pretty convenient. You can easily store the headset in it and it’s quite portable too. Worth it on the list of Best Gaming PC Headset Under 100$

3. Logitech G32 ($ 79.99)

The headset comes with a 3.5 mm connector so it can pretty much work with any device. If you’re looking for a headset that you can use for your PC, consul, or music play, this is a universal one. 

The package also comes with a splitter cable that you can use to connect the microphone and your sound. So you pretty much have the basic connections that you need.

Let’s discuss briefly about the build. This exterior of the Logitech headset is entirely made of plastic, and surprisingly it feels solid and not flimsy. I was expecting it to feel light and cheap because of all the plastic material. But it went to my good book in terms of construction. It feels solid and it’s not that heavy. But you can instantly tell that it won’t break like other cheap generic headsets you can buy off the rack. 

The expandable band  has a built of metal reinforcement. It has a pretty nice swivel and it has a decent give that can catch the back of your head. The earcups are quite flexible and it can adjust to almost any head shape. 

Let’s expound more on what you can expect:

  • You also have the mike that’s easy to flip up and flip down if you want to mute it. You can also adjust it to any position since it’s flexible
  • The sound and volume rocker at the back of the ear cups is easy to adjust
  • Decent padding on the sides and top

For the sound quality, I tried it on the PC, the sound was balanced. But it fares greater on the Playstation and the switch, the sound is rather impressive. 

Some gripes

There is a problem with the quality control of the brand. I received mine with an annoying and noticeable smudge on the top part of the ear cups. It looks like a stain and I tried wiping it off but it doesn’t seem to budge. I’ve also heard of similar incidents with other customers.

And there were also a couple of dents. And it is like deep scratches because the texture is a bit different. It almost looks like it was a reused or recycled headset. So I am not happy about that. 

About the padding of the band and the earcups, it does have quite a thick padding but it; not the softest. At the comfort scale, it’s at 7, so decent enough. But it’s not plush or ultra-comfortable but it’s not uncomfortable either.


The microphone works well on several devices As for the comfort it’s mediocre, not the best. and it isn’t for you if you’re looking for plush comfort.

4. Corsair Void Elite ($99)

At first glance, this wireless headset looks sleek and classy. It also comes with a wireless USB, 2 m USB to micro USB cable.

It has angular ear cups very similar to the 2015 model of the brand. And I think this is what sets it apart from other headsets, in terms of design. It makes the headset look more high end. The frame is mostly plastic but it has a bit of aluminum material down at the hinges.

In addition, this headset feels sturdy, firm, and premium. It feels at par with how it looks. 

Another feature I like about this Corsair headset is that the ear cups are pretty comfortable. It has a soft mesh material that makes the headset breathable. The ear cups are also made of memory foam, so it can give you a plush like comfort. And this material also molds around the shape and size of your ears, so it’s quite flexible too. So for comfort, I’ll give it a two thumbs up.

Let’s see other features:

  1. The expandable band will reveal adjustment levels subtly printed on the band.
  2. The microphone is made of flexible plastic material so you can change its position to whatever feels most comfortable for you. The end of the microphone is outfitted with black flossy plastic materials. And it is color-coded too. So it will show off a red light whenever the microphone is muted. 
  3. The left ear cup contains the mute and power switch. And underneath the ear cups, you’ll find the micro USB slot, LED indicator, and the multifunctional control wheel where you adjust the volume. You can select through 5 selected presets. 

In addition, if you have a larger head, it can be extended far enough to fit your head. It can also lay flat so you can comfortably leave it on your shoulders during downtime. 

Some gripes

The headset is one of the most comfortable I’ve tried. But if you have a smaller head, it may fit you but abrupt movement can cause the headset to drop. 

And since it’s wireless and innovative, you need to go through the manual carefully to learn how to use the headset. 


It’s a rather comfortable and innovative headset. The headband and the ear cups are made of soft mesh fabric. It’s breathable and you can use this headset for long hours without your ears burning. It also feels and looks premium, both the design and the innovative features. 


So look like we’ve listed the headsets that can make your gaming experience more pleasurable. Let us know how it worked out for you.