HyperX Cloud Mix Gaming Headset Review – is this the Next Generation Headset?

HyperX Cloud Mix Gaming Headset review

This may be the next generation headset. Why? It comes with the convenience and functionality of both a wireless and a wired headset, Let’s see what it has to offer. And we’ll also dabble on some of the not so good qualitative so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. You must, since this headset does not come cheap.

HyperX Cloud Mix Gaming Headset Review – Features that we love

Hyper X has been putting out impressive headsets in the market. Not to be biased, but there are quite a few Hyper X headsets that stood out from the rest. The Cloud and the Cloud Alpha namely, are impressive headsets that are a real value for your money.

This brand is manufactured in the USA. It’s also considered among the top brands of headsets and gaming accessories in the country.

Design and overall look

It has a brand design that you can find on the sides of the headset. It looks classic and minimal, pretty much similar to the other headsets of the brand. But what I liked more is that instead of a glossy finish, it has more of a matte finish. I find the matte finish more sophisticated. And it also lessens the risk of scratches and dents. 

There isn’t anything that makes the heart pop out in terms of the design. It can be a yay or a nay for you. Personally, I like the sleek sophistication. It’s subtle and discrete.

It also comes with accessories that you need such as the carrying case, the charging cable, and the cables to let you plug in the headset to your PC and Xbox. So you’re pretty covered with the basic connectors that you need. Though the carrying case is mediocre and might not be that usable. I was looking for something more of a hardshell case that can protect the headset if I am going to bring it for travel. 


It does not have much functionality adjustments or knobs on the headset itself. You have the Bluetooth function on the left ear cup. You can use this to take calls, pause, or skip the music. The other inline functions are located on the cables. There you have the on and off button, volume control, charging port, and the plugs where you can connect the jack and the microphone.

You have pretty much every basic control available and easily accessible at the bottom of the earcups. I like this design more rather than have the control scattered all over the sides and top of the ear cups. So for accessibility to the controls, it’s a two thumbs up.

Comfort and flexibility

This headset is pretty lightweight. And you’ll instantly notice it as soon as you get the headset out of the box. It’s slightly more lightweight than the Alpha or the Cloud Xbox. And I personally like that, it makes the headset more comfortable on the head. The headset will not put on too much pressure on your head and temples. It feels so light that you can use it for prolonged hours. And you won’t have that burning sensation on your ears and temples like what you usually experience with bulky gaming headsets.

The band and the earcups are plus soft. I think it has memory foam inside and it has a soft leatherette material exterior cover. So you can feel that it has a sufficient amount of padding. So if you want plush comfort, this headset will certainly indulge you. It feels so soft on the ears.

The unit is also pretty flexible. It’s easy to extend and widen the headset. So if you have a larger head, you’ll still find this comfortable. And the earcups can rotate up to 45 degrees, so it can somehow conform to the size of the ears of the users. You’ll be able to find a perfect fit.

Almost everything about this headset is pretty flexible. You can pull the detachable microphone boom closer to your mouth, so it’s quite flexible. And I like the way the boom mic is constructed. It has this gooseneck with a thick foam covered microphone at the end. There’s just something about this type of microphones that excites me. I guess because it’s pretty nostalgic.

Quality of the sound

When used as wired

This headset is a closed-back headset. Meaning, the areas around the ear cups are properly sealed. And the thick padding also helped create a good and tight seal. So it can deter outside noise, but the song may seem a bit unnatural. If you’re used to the vast range of sounds of an open back headset, you might find the sound quality mediocre and lacking.

But if you have not experienced using an open-back headset yet, you will not have any means to compare it to a closed-back headset. Thus, the sound will still come off as clear and crisp. So you might not have any companies. 

Thus, the only difference is the sound of this headset will seem unnatural to those who are used to open back headsets.

When used as wireless

Now let’s see how the Bluetooth function of this headset fares. Since this headset is touted as a wireless and wired headset, Bluetooth connectivity plays a major role. 

But I was a bit disappointed. The wireless connection via Bluetooth connectivity is mediocre. I was actually expecting this headset to offer better wireless functionality due to all the raves and hype. Also, the headset cannot handle simultaneous wireless and wired connections. 

So if you want to pair the headset with a Bluetooth device, you have to unplug the boom mike. So you can only use the boom mike if you’re going to use the wired connection. Thus if you’re going to use the headset via Bluetooth connectivity, you have to use the built-in microphone. And this is not going to be a great experience since the sounds came blurry and distorted.

So overall, the quality of the microphone is mediocre for gaming sessions. And if you’re going to use the built-in microphone, it can be annoying. You won’t be able to hear everything clearly. So if you are looking for more impressive sound quality, you need to outfit this headset with a different wired microphone such as the HyperX Quadcast. You can also use a different wired mic to make the sounds more natural if you’re going to use it as a wired headset.

How about the quality of the music

The sounds of strings and cymbals may be more subtle than what it truly is. Though you don’t have any problems with the clearness and crispness of bass sounds. The headset seems to have more focus on the basses. So it might have more thumps than what is ideal for most people. So it;’ not the best apple in terms of playing music.


  1. In terms of comfort, this headset can give you a very pleasurable gaming experience. It gives you plush comfort and it’s quite flexible and bendable. So it can fit well even those with larger heads.
  2. You can use this headset for prolonged hours. And you won’t feel any burning sensation in the ears. There also isn’t any pressure on the top of the head and on your temples.
  3. The design is sleek, simple, and sophisticated. It looks even classier than the Alpha if you’d ask me. It’s a handsome headset. It’s sleek, discrete, and not bulky. If you want a headset that does not scream gaming, this is it.
  4. It’s compatible with all devices. So you can easily plug it into your PC, console, or Xbox. 
  5. In terms of the sound and microphone quality, it’s decent when used as a wired headset. When used as a wired headset, you can use it to play tons of games and have clear and decent sounds. But it might sound unnatural to some. 
  6. But when you’re going to use it as a wireless headset, the sound quality can be compromised. 
  7. The wireless function and Bluetooth connectivity function of this headset are mediocre. The Cloud Alpha and Orbit fared better in terms of sound quality.
  8. This headset offers good isolation. The ear cups are thick and neatly sealed. So even when some noises are coming from a TV, it won’t interrupt your gaming session. 
  9. It has great battery life. And it can be used for over 20 hours over the Bluetooth function. But the thing is, when used as a wireless headset, you’re not going to have an enjoyable gaping experience. Thus, you might not appreciate the great battery life that much. 
  10. It’s not ideal for playing music.
  11. The function and adjustment located on the inline cable make the headset less bulky. But this is something new. So you might find yourself still trying to reach at the back of the ear cups to make several adjustments. 

Final Say

Albeit its versatility of being a wireless and a wired headset, HyperX Cloud Mix is better used as a wired one. When used as a wireless, it won’t be able to offer much in terms of the sound and mic quality. So it has a steep price because you’ll mainly be using it as a wired headset. 

The comfort level is impressive, there aren’t any buts. So if you have money to spend, it’s an extremely comfortable headset that you can use for long gaming hours.