PC Gaming Accessories Bundle: Best Wired and Wireless Options

Wired setup - MSI 

Sure you can buy gaming accessories individually. But you can get the most bang for your buck if you’re going to get them in bundles. This is also very handy if you’re eyeing a more cohesive setup.

I know you’ve got your favorites. And I am going to list down mine. Here are top picks for both a wireless and a wired setup.  

Wired setup – MSI 


Vigor GK30 Gaming Keyboard

Clutch GM11 Gaming Mouse

Immerse GH30 Gaming Headset

Agility GD20 Gaming Mousepad

PC Gaming Accessories Bundle

If you’re looking for an accessory bundle that’s very easy to use, MSI has it. Even beginners will be able to seamlessly set it up without asking for help. So this is an ideal set if you’re just new in the game.


You can instantly tell that this is a vibrant gaming keyboard because of the RGB backlight. This keyboard is more of an entry-level gaming keyboard. But even intermediate players will find it quite useful.

The keyboard is very easy to synchronize. Even if you don’t have an MSI motherboard, you can use the dragon software to tailor it to whatever brand of motherboard you have. Just as long as it has an RGB, it would be very easy. Not a lot of keyboard brands have this easy synchronization feature.

It’s also a membrane keyboard so it’s waterproof. And even if it’s an entry-level keyboard, it has a bit of glitz and glam to it. It has an illuminated backlit that’s an extra amp to your gaming experience.

The under key light is not just pretty, it’s handy too. It serves as an illuminating light for the keypads so you’ll be able to see it. In terms of aesthetics and function, it won’t disappoint. 

One of the gripes, however, is that it can sound like a mechanical typewriter when you’re using the keypad. So this is something you have to consider.


The mouse is decent and sleek. I find it rather comfortable on the hands, it’s quite ergonomic, to be precise. The cable that comes with it is sufficiently long. And it looks quite premium for its price.

One of the key features of the mouse is that you can customize the RGB. The backlight also makes it fancy and you can adjust the dpi. The click is also quite decent and the wheel is not loose.

This MSI mouse is made of an all-plastic material. Though it’s not premium plastic, it doesn’t feel flimsy. It might even look at par with other more expensive mouse brands. 

I also love the Dragon logo and how the light illuminates from the back. You can also synchronize the RGB lights of the mouse with the keyboard. It can make a statement if you’re going to have the RGB light of all your MSI accessories synchronized. 

And since the mouse has a matte finish, it won’t collect any fingerprints. It’s also a rather solid mouse. It has a great response so it won’t interrupt your gaming.

One of the gripes, however, I would wish for the backlight to be a bit brighter.


Every bit of the headset is made of plastic. But surprisingly, this doesn’t feel flimsy. Sure you won’t get that premium leather and memory foam feel, but it’s not too shabby either. It’s lightweight, too lightweight in fact. The padding is also quite thin. But since it’s lightweight, I did find it comfortable. It’s non-obtrusive and can feel comfortable. So you’ll like this headset if your head tends to feel too much pressure from a heavy headset.

The sound is also impressive, it doesn’t have any high shrills. And the bass is decent enough. It could even be better than other more expensive brands. But do take note that since it’s made from entirely plastic, I am not sure as to how long it will hold up. 

The microphone, on THE other hand, does the job decently. But it can lack some bass sounds. It’s pretty much like a standard microphone.


From the get-go, this mouse pad looks nice. It looks classic and premium. There is a lot of room to move smoothly. And there’s sufficient friction, just enough to be able to seamlessly move without sliding off. The back part has a non slip rubber material so it won’t easily slide off the table.

I find the mouse pad durable. The rubber material is quite thick and it has an edgy design. The dragon logo at the center hyped up the entire look.

I’d recommend this accessory bundle for beginners who are looking for more value for their buck. Each accessory even performed better than what they’re worth. Though my least favorite was the headset because of the all-plastic construction. I am just a solid construction type of guy. But in terms of function, it was not a disappointment. So I would rate this bundle an 8/10. It is perfect for entry-level gamers.

Wireless setup – CORSAIR Gaming PRO


HS70 PRO WIRELESS Gaming Headset — Carbon


K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | CHERRY MX Speed



This wireless headset is one of the more affordable wireless headsets in the market. It’s similar to the HS70, it’s just sleeker. The metal frame is very adaptable, you can expand it well enough to fit a larger dome.  

Both the band and the earcups have a thick leather padding so it perfectly seals the ears. It’s rather comfortable as your ears won’t scratch against the drive wall. It’s softer yes, but it can get a bit hot when used for a longer period. So maybe crank up your AC if you’re going to use it during the summer. 

For the connection, instead of Bluetooth connectivity, it uses a USB. The advantage of it is it gets rid of latency. However, you won’t be able to connect it to your mobile phones. 

Connectivity is great. You can be two rooms away from your PC and still be connected. The sound is evenly balanced and decent. Also, the detachable mic has a bit of hissing sound, but it can still be tolerable. 

As for the gripes, it claims to have a noise cancellation feature. But I don’t seem to notice it. And there is that thin metal connection between the band and the earcups. It’s quite thin that I am not sure if it would be able to hold up for some time. 


This wireless mouse is something else. It looks edgy but it’s pretty lightweight. It’s a nifty mouse that can be connected via Bluetooth or the USB receiver. And it’s possible to use the ports and cables for various configurations. 

The bottom line, it’s quite versatile. You can use the charging port to fuel up the mouse or to connect it to your system should you want to use it as a wired unit. I also love how tough the cables look and feel. It’s quite thick. So you’re sure that it can take a certain level of use and abuse. 

Aesthetically speaking, it looks similar to its wired counterpart. It just has additional buttons where you can configure the settings. It’s ergonomic and feels nice on the hands. The material is made of plastic top and the sides are rubber, so that makes it nice and easy to maneuver. it won’t easily slip out of your hands. It also has a textured section at the side for improved grip. 

This mouse seems to be designed by a master gamer. The controls are nicely positioned. It makes every action seamless and smooth. It’s easy to go through every button without unintentionally clicking on any command. You can effortlessly hover through any command.

But since life can throw you lemons, there are also some lemons to this awesome mouse. The wheel at the center, which I find too mushy. It’s harder to control when you’re scrolling individually.


The best feature perhaps is the expandable wrist rest. You can play for longer hours and have your wrist properly supported. Every gaming keyboard should have this feature.

It looks sleek and has a textured spacebar that adds a touch of sophistication to the keyboard. And the brand logo etched on the ESC button is a lovely addition.

Compared to the first generation keyboard, the keypads are wider. So it can be a yay or nay depending on your preference. But it does work for me. I find that if the keypads were thinner, there would be less light coming from under the keys. It has a more illuminating effect.  

One of the gripes, however, has something to do with the white backlight. Instead of white, it comes off as white with a pinkish or bluish hue. And this is also a common problem of most RGB keyboards. Unless you’re going to get a white illuminated one, then it can shine bright like diamonds. 

Another feature that I don’t like is the very thick cable. It doesn’t look sleek and can be bothersome to hide. And it’s a bit out of place with an all wireless accessory.

You’d be happy with the wireless function of the headset and the mouse. The keyboard is rather impressive and a versatile tool. Response time is fast so you can also use it for typing. It can be an upgrade from your old gaming setup.

Final say

Building up your own gaming accessories bundle from various brands can be exciting. But if you are not sure what to look for, your devices might not be compatible with one another. And there is something nice about having a more cohesive setup. And buying a bundle is a sure way to achieve cohesiveness.