Top 5 Best wireless gaming headsets for PS4

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If you’re looking for the best wireless headset for your PS4, you’ve landed on the right spot. We have everything for everybody. From budget to premium options, you can find one for your wallet and gaming needs.

Hyper X Cloud 2 ($79.99) – Best wireless gaming headset under 100 $

With its black and red leatherette facade and bulky ear cups, it screams gaming. Apart from the cool aesthetic, this affordable headset is rather comfortable too. The earcups swivel up to a certain degree, so it can conform to the size of the user’s ears. The large ear cups are also ideal for those with bigger domes. 

Hyper X Cloud 2

The detachable boom mic looks sweet and traditional with a flexible coil and big foam microphone at the tip. The performance of the mic is fairly decent. It can capture your voice clearly. As for the sound quality, it’s not the best. It’s fairly okay and can still bring out the excitement from sound effects in action games.

You can hover around the controls via a dongle through the software. Just some gripes, it lacks customization for the sounds but it has a dedicated inline control. It also has surround sound. So the stringent customization options are one thing to consider if you’re keen on buying the HyperX Cloud 2. 

Overall, it’s a comfortable headset at a very affordable price. The sound and microphone aren’t premium, but you can still enjoy a fairly exciting game. It’s one of the more affordable wireless headsets you can use for your PS4.


  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable even for those with larger heads
  • Nice gamey aesthetic with the brand logo


  • The software lacks customization for sounds

Astro A50 ($299.99) – Best Premium gaming headset

This headset has amazing sound, you can almost immerse yourself in the game. It’s well balanced and it’s among one of the best sounds for gaming that I have tried. It has an impressive sound for heavy action sound effects. And you can also clearly hear in dialogues. Moreover, It’s also ideal for loud movies.

And if you are looking for a headset that is rather comfortable for large heads, this is a great option. It has a loose and more flexible band that can expand enough to accommodate bigger domes. It feels comfortable and doesn’t have any pinching points. 

The connection is rather good. I didn’t experience any interference and. I was able to stay connected up to 30 feet. So it would not cause unnecessary interruptions to your game. 

The built of the Astro A50 is also strong and solid. The ear cups are thickly padded with velour pads. And they are rather hollow and large. That’s why a lot of users will find it comfortable.  

Astro A50

The velour pads are ideal for those who are wearing glasses. . There are not any pressure points on the temples and top of the head. If you’re earring glasses, this is often a concern. Moreover, if you want to use a different set of ear cups, you can easily remove the existing ear cups. They are magnetically connected so you can easily replace them with any other ear cups that you want. Though I find that the connection loosens a bit soon as you replace the ear cups. 

As for the gripes, it’s not a plug-and-play headset. You’ll find it a bit more challenging to connect to your PS4. And it’s not Bluetooth compatible. So it can’t offer any support for wired connections.

The sound also emphasizes bass notes. So if you don’t like too much thump, you will like this headset that much. But it’s really great for boom music where a lot of bass notes are called for. Or even for loud action games.

The microphone is just average. And people with deeper voices might come across as distorted.

Overall, it has impressive sounds for games and music, with more emphasis on the bass notes. And it’s also great for watching movies.


  • Comfortable even for large heads
  • Impressive sounds
  • Great connectivity


  • The battery life is not that great

Steelseries Arctis 7 ($149.99) – best connectivity gaming headset

This gaming headset combines comfort and impressive sound performance at the same time. It works seamlessly and can easily be corrected to your PS4 and PC. Though I don’t recommend it for Nintendo Switch and Xbox, it will have a limited function on these devices.

The Arctis 7 connects via a dongle instead of Bluetooth connectivity. That means there is a limited function on some devices, such as mentioned above. But the good thing about it is, there is not any noticeable latency. 

Steelseries Arctis 7

As for the ear cups, they are rather comfortable. It makes use of an airwave fabric. So it doesn’t feel too hot, unlike other heavily padded headsets. You won’t feel any burning, especially if you’re using the headset for long gaming hours. Though for some users with smaller heads, the headset can come off a bit loose. 

The design is matte black and sleek. It doesn’t look too gamey. So it’s ideal if you want something that looks subtle and sleek. 

And the surround sound is nice to have. But this headset is going to be dependent on the software for all the adjustments and configurations. 

Overall, it’s a sleek headset you can easily use for your PS4. And its wireless function is quite impressive.


  • Great connectivity
  • Sleek and subtle design
  • Comfortable ear pads


  • Too dependent on software for adjustments

Logitech G933 ($200) – best versatile gaming headset

The Logitech G933 is a  great wireless headset for your PS4. And at the same time, it performs seamlessly when used as wired. So you can also hook it to your PC and mobile phones.

The overall look of this headset is bulky and big. It has rectangular shaped ear cups that distinguish it from the rest. So it might not be for everybody since it’s quite big and hefty.

Most users will find this headset comfortable. It has thick padding on the ear cups and the band. In terms of sounds, hats off to this headset. When used wirelessly, the sound is at par with how it is when used as wired. You can also use it for playing music and it would just sound as great.

Logitech G933

The signal is also great even if you are 30 feet away from your desk. This is perhaps one of the most important considerations when looking for a wireless headset.


  • Great connectivity
  • Ingressive sounds
  • Comfortable


  • It is a bulky headset

Skullcandy PLYR 2 ($149.99) – Best under 200

This Skullcandy headset is inexpensive and lightweight. The ear cups are a bit bulky, but it didn’t add up to the entire weight of the unit. 

It’s comfortable too. The band is flexible and can conform to all head sizes. You can also use it for long hours of playing without feeling any pressure on the head and temples.

It’s a plug and play headset and connects via Bluetooth. So you can easily connect it to your PS4. 

You might be looking for surround sound. Well, this headset does not have that. But it won’t make the sound quality any inferior. Instead of surround sound, this headset uses the brand’s supreme sound technology.

Skullcandy’s sound technology is not to be missed. The bass is solid and the mid-range and low range sounds are also great. So the lack of surround sound will not be a big issue.

As for the gripes, the microphone quality is okay, but I have seen better. And wished the mic is more retractable. But what’s nice about the mic is that you can dial down the game sound if you want the voice chat to be clearer. 

Skullcandy PLYR 2


  • Comfortable for long hours of gaming
  • Great stereo sound quality
  • Lightweight
  • Great signal range


  • The mic is not retractable

Final Say

We hope you found what you’re looking for. The sounds may not be at par with the best-wired gaming headset. That’s one compromise for wireless headsets. But these are the best of the bunch.