Why HP Pavilion of the Cheapest Yet Amazing Gaming Desktop?

Gaming should always be an immersive experience. It’s not just gaming pros who would want a completely tanked up PC. And the markets are teeming at the sleeves with gaming PCs. Of course, you’re always on the hunt to get the best brands at the best deals. And you’ll also want a gaming desktop that can give you the full experience.

But you don’t need to buy the most expensive pc gaming desktop. The HP Pavilion gaming desktop, for instance, performs well but at an affordable price.

Let’s see what makes HP Pavilion gaming desktops one of the most sought after PC’s in the gaming realm. And that makes one of the better choices for gamers on a budget. 

HP Pavilion desktop

Cheap but fast CPU

Your CPU is the main brain of your computer. So everything is related to the CPU or is greatly affected by the speed of it. Though some may argue that the GPU dictates the crispness and overall visuals of your computer. That’s true, but it also depends on the games that you’re playing.

Especially for real-time strategy games, it requires a more solid CPU to make intensive calculations on your computer’s next move. And in choosing a suitable CPU for your gaming, you also have to consider the process, several cores, and the software that you’re going to run, and of course, the speed of your CPU. 

And what’s important is for your CPU to run at a decent frequency. The HP pavilion gaming desktop can run at 3.5 GHz And this one’s quite fast for something priced below $700. In addition, it’s equipped with an AMD Ryzen 3 2200G . AMD is a great choice for gaming. 

It has amazing graphics, but at the same time, it’s cheaper than Intel. It’s also equipped with four cores, which is the minimum that you need for a decent game. Though it won’t give future proof solutions like the 6 cores, it does give out robust images.

You might be skeptical at first with the Ryzen. Some may even be doubtful that a processor with this price can perform decently. Well, the computer is running great and it has impeccable graphics. And it surprisingly hasn’t lagged so far. Especially in this prolonged gaming hours with this COVID situation. You really would need a gaming computer that doesn’t lag

But if you prefer an Intel processor, It’s quite easy to upgrade to HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop – TG01-0160xt. This HP Gaming system features a 9th generation intel core processor.

Ram storage

So you need your gaming desktop to sift through a large number of data quickly. This ensures that it can speed up your home loads. Anything that’s below the ideal speed can disrupt your gaming. HP Pavilion has 8 GB worth of memory space. 

This may be one of the limitations of this gaming desktop. You can still run games like Fortnite and Minecraft but it won’t be at the recommended level. But the RAM space is decent for 649 dollars. 

But if you’re looking for more storage space. Say at least 16 GB more, that’s still possible with an HP Pavilion gaming desktop. The brand has just released an easy upgrade to at least 32 GB and up to Intel Core i7-9700. You can have your HP Gaming desktop configured to have more high- end specs. 

We find the 16 GB quite enough to fix some lags on certain games. You might just need to install the game on your SSD. We actually found out that a RAM upgrade is very vital if you want to lay several advanced games. And the brand conveniently accommodates an upgrade. And you might need to because the PC doesn’t include an SSD.

The DDR4 memory can be upgraded up to a maximum of 32GB. And upgrading it is super easy, it’s like a walk in the park.

Furthermore, the HP Pavilion Gaming desk makes use of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 and AMD Radeon RX500 for the graphics. This explains why the images are so robust and clear. And if you’re a gamer, graphics is life. Well, along with sounds too. But clear graphics is what would entice you on the get-go to play a game until you get hooked into it

Easy upgradability

If you find a RAM of 8 GB, it’s easy to upgrade to an HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop – TG01-0170m or HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop – TG01-0160xt. 

That’s actually one of the biggest advantages of an HP desk. Even if you have an 8-year-old HP desktop, you can easily upgrade to any of the abovementioned HP Pavilion gaming systems. 


This mid gaming PC is priced at 699.99 dollars. Considering all the nifty features, it’s a real value for your money. It’s in the same price range as the SkyTech Archangel and the ABS Simpli. 

Same with HP Pavilion, it also lacks an SSD but both gaming desktops are very easy to upgrade. The cheap price almost makes up for the lack of SSD. But the design of the SkyTech Archangel is not for everyone. But it’s a cheap alternative if you don’t mind aesthetics too much.

The ABS Simpli is priced at $429 and doesn’t have an SSD too. But in terms of the design and clearness of images, we’re giving two thumbs for the HP Pavilion gaming desktop. 

Other aspects

  • Compact Tower

Hp Pavilion gaming desk has a slightly smaller tower than your old CPU. But what is most advantageous is that it’s close to making no noise at all. 

We also love its sleek black design. It looks chic and stylish too, very different from your old desktop tower. It very well compliments your gaming setup. 

And when it comes to the USB ports, it contains several slots. When you’re gaming, you most likely would need several slots for all your gaming accessories. And another icing on the cake is that it offers a customizable LED lighting. That’ll add more amp to your gaming experience.

But in terms of the keyboard and mouse, the brand comes with a rather basic set. But we are quite happy with the tower already that we totally forgot about the keyboard and the mouse. 

  • Thermal solution

It’s not only the gaming masters who spend an entire day in front of their PC, almost everyone does nowadays. And in the scorching summer season( or if it’s fast approaching in your area), the hot weather adds up to the stress and load that your CPU will have to bear.

That and the multiple games that you’re playing can wreak havoc to your CPU if it would not be cooled down. 

Another feature that we loved with the HP Pavilion gaming desktop is that it has a unique thermal solution that can keep your unit cool despite prolonged hours of gaming. 

  • Storage options

When you’re gaming, you need all the storage solutions that can be laid out on the table. Luckily, the HP Pavilion gaming desk also allows you to choose from a myriad of storage devices. You can choose from the following:

-dual storage

-hard drive


– multiple hard drives


The HP pavilion is a very affordable gaming desktop for mid-level gaming. There are other gaming desktops that are in the same price range. But what made the HP Pavilion stand out is its robust and crisp images. It’s one of the best options for a PC gaming desk under 700 dollars.