[Review] Conquer Desktop Tabletop: An Affordable Standing Desk Converter for Tall People

A standing desk converter is very convenient. You can create a healthier workstation wherever you are. Since it can be placed on the table, it has a lesser footprint too. And you get to keep your old desk. And if you’re on a budget, you won’t have any need for a new desk. So it’s a space saver and it saves your budget too.

Today, We are going to review a US-made standing desk that deserves more attention than it is getting right now. Let’s see what the Conquer Desktop Tabletop Standing Desk Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Ergonomic Workstation has to offer.

Conquer Desktop Tabletop

About the brand

The Conquer adjustable standing desk converter is manufactured by Conquer Equipment. It’s a US brand that manufactures equipment that is aimed at supporting a healthier lifestyle. 

The brand manufactures standing desk converters, bikes, fitness, and cycling equipment. So from the get-go, you’d have an idea of how smooth and efficient the unit is. The brands use the same technology in all of its products. So you can expect quality products, especially that it’s made in the US. And what will make you happier is that it comes with a very affordable price tag?

Features to love

Let’s look at some features that you’d want all workstations to have. 

Wide keyboard tray

There are several features that We really love about this standing desk converter. For one, the workspace is quite big and spacious. It can even accommodate two monitors at a time. The desktop measures 31.5 inches by 15.75. It’s a two-tier standing desk converter that has a spacious keypad tray too. The tray measures 31.5 by 11.75 inches. It measures almost the same as the monitor base. 

Other standing desk converters have a wider desktop space and are lifted via springs. One of which is the VIVO V00B. It’s easy to lift too via its gas springs but the keyboard tray is quite small. The VIVO V00B desk base measures 236 inches. But the keyboard tray offers a stingy space at 24.7 inches. So it could be not that comfortable, especially for those who are a bit wide around the waist. 

Height of the desk

The Conquer standing desk converter has a very satisfactory height range. It can go from 4.5 to 19.5 inches. With the vast range of desk height, you’re sure to find a comfortable spot for your height. Even if you stand more than 6 feet, you’ll find a sweet spot. 

Other standing desk converters for tall persons such as the Innovative Winston Workstation retails at 679 dollars. And the Humanscale Quickstand can cost you 699 dollars. The Conquer workstation is a great buy if you’re on a tight budget but need a standing desk converter that can accommodate your height. 

Another popular desk for tall people is the Ergotron Work Dual Fit. It’s a sturdy and stable desk that costs around 549.99 dollars. But in terms of the working space, This workstation is very stingy. We almost felt too compressed because of the limited space. And instead of a desktop tier, the single monitor is mounted. And the keyboard tray is quite small. But this standing desk converter is rather stable.

Very affordable price

For its price point at 139 dollars, this standing converter is a bang for the buck. And for a brand that’s made in the USA, it’s quite affordable.

Other US brands such as the Duke standing desk converter with a 28 wide desktop retails at 555 dollars. But one thing We love about this desk is, like the Conquer workstation, the keyboard tray is almost the same size as the monitor base. 

Operates smoothly

The springs of the Conquer standing desk converter goes up and down smoothly. It operates quietly and you won’t hear any creaking sound as if it’s having a hard time lifting the desk. And We would have to say that We was also pleased with how stable it is. 

There wasn’t any significant wobble even at the highest desk setting. It almost feels as if We are using a Varidesk standing desk converter. The 30-inch standing desk of the brand cost about 375 dollars. The only significant advantage of the Varidesk is that the keyboard tray is a bit wider. But in terms of the overall look, stability, and motor, the cheaper Conquer workstation is at par with this midrange standing desk. 

The weight limit of the desk is also quite decent. At 33 lbs weight capacity, it can pretty much support two monitors without wobbling. 

Other things to love

We also love that it includes a slot for your mobile phones. So you don’t have to place your phone on the desk, you would have more room for writing or other office supplies. Other standing desk converters such as the Seville ( at159 dollars) 36-inch costs a bit higher than the Conquer standing desk converter. 

The desktop also has grommet holes for cable management. It makes your workstation look cleaner and more conducive for well, working. 

It’s also quite easy to lift the desk. You just have to push the lever located below the monitor desk and lift it up. You don’t even need to flex a muscle to do so, as it’s quite smooth. The desk lifts via gas springs. And We haven’t encountered any issues when it comes to lifting the desk.

In terms of the design, it looks sleek and pretty basic. Though there’s nothing too fancy about it, it does look sturdy even at first glance. And there aren’t any flimsy parts as well, despite the cheap price. 

Some things We wished were different

In terms of the setup, it comes in almost fully assembled, same with most standing desk converters in the market. You just need to attach the keyboard tray. But We would love it better if the keyboard tray can be adjusted as well.


Overall, the Conquer adjustable standing desk is a sweet deal. It’s the US-made brand that’s sturdy, stable, and easy to use. It’s also one of the best choices when it comes to an affordable standing desk converter for tall people. The tradeoffs are just like itsy bitsy concerns that are easy to shrug off. But what amazes me is how affordable it is compared to how it functions.

It’s even at par with some mid-range standing desk converters that have a price range between 400 and 600 dollars. For a high-quality desk, it’s extremely affordable. So the Conquer adjustable standing desk converter is a great deal. If you want another example, you can check the Duke Vesa – Best Standing desk converter for tall people