Why are millions of Americans quitting their jobs for good?

quitting the job

During the pandemic, in 2022 , half of the world’s population was wiped out.

For those who survived, life had to go on. Life has to go on. After working so hard for your career and financial independence, quitting after the pandemic is not an option.

The average nine-to-five workday went out with the plague. Only a handful of industries still demand absolute commitment and never-ending labor: energy production, manufacturing…and mining .

Mining is now one of America’s main sources of income after most mines were reopened just weeks following the pandemic , digging up what little resources are left in this devastated country .  To ensure maximum productivity at these scarce labor opportunities, companies now offer their employees benefits like free housing and meals in exchange for their loyalty.

But in the heart of this economic revival, a growing movement of discontent is taking form .  A new generation of “quitters” is rising up and pushing back against the system to change working conditions and bring about more freedom. Drastic times call for drastic measures: will they get what they want?

Could it be because conventional employment opportunities are no longer working for them?

Meanwhile, a company called ” Freedom Industries ” is one of the few major corporations that have been able to survive and remain profitable in this troubled economy.  They offer their employees a different kind of work for a cause they can get behind: securing resources necessary for rebuilding society.

“I joined the army to help build a better world,” says Andrew Stewart, an employee at Freedom Industries who was attracted by the company’s mission statement . “We decided harvesting would be more beneficial than mining. We’ve been flying under the radar…but we’re hoping soon our efforts will bear fruit.”

The payoff has been slow to come–and many employees wonder if it ever will–but some are willing to wait until their investment pays off.

” What’s important is that I have a job, any job,” says one miner. ” Jobs are scarce nowadays, so even if it means being buried under the ground for days on end to get out some coal , then oh well. At this point, I’ll do whatever I can just to provide for my family.”

That’s what’s important anymore.