How to find the best office chair for working from home – Top 10 picks

best office chair for work from home

If you spend at least a part of your work day sitting on an office chair, you know how uncomfortable it can be. There are many different kinds of chairs to choose from and finding the right one is not always easy. By knowing more about them, though, you can make a choice that will keep you comfortable for as long as possible. Here is some information to help you find the best office chair for working from home:

There are two types of office chairs: those with wheels and those without wheels. The first type usually has five spokes which connect to casters in the base of the chair. This allows the user to move around freely when using this kind of equipment. The second kind does have these supports and becomes immobile when not in use.

In addition to looking at the design of the wheeled office chair, you should also look at the options available in height adjustment and back support. Using a chair with a pneumatic cylinder will allow you to adjust it according to your own body type. A good lumbar support will help to prevent back problems later on. The seat needs to be wide enough that it supports the entire leg from hip bone to ankle and sturdy enough for you whether sitting forward or leaning back. There are leather models as well as mesh ones which provide additional comfort by allowing better air circulation around the legs and torso areas.

The final feature of importance when choosing an office chair is arm rests . These come in many styles from fixed to those with a height adjustment as well as a mechanism for width adjustment. The important thing to remember is that you need the arm rests in order to be comfortable. You need to have something to rest your arms on while you work which will prevent discomfort and muscle aches later on.

As long as you take your time and consider all of these factors, finding the best office chair for working from home will become easy. Many of them are available at an affordable price so don’t settle for anything less than what is needed! Make sure you know exactly what you want so it’s easier to find the right one.

The Top 10 best office chairs for working from home

Choosing the right chair is a personal thing, but you don’t always have to break the bank. Find out our top ten choices of ergonomic desk chairs that provide comfort without costing too much!

#10 – Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Chair with Black Fabric Seat

Flash furniture offer a great range of affordable office and computer essentials. Their mid-back mesh chair provides good back support with an adjustable reclining function and also includes a padded arm rest for extra comfort. You can adjust not only the height of this product but also its depth which helps to ensure that it will last as long as possible under daily usage. It may be made out of plastic, but it is very sturdy and has been designed to support weights of up to 250lbs. This is a great chair for the price!

#9 – SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

For the working professional who needs a lot of support, this T50 chair is affordable and can fit into smaller spaces. Its ergonomic design includes adjustable height, seat tilt tension control and also provides lower back support with it’s special lumbar feature. The chair itself is made out of incredibly strong steel that has been coated with scratch-resistant polyester fabric, while both the seat and arm rest have been upholstered in black leather for a luxuriously comfortable experience.

#8 – Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

This mesh office chair is not only great when it comes to saving space but also good for your posture. It’s ergonomic design offers complete support and maximum comfort with its adjustable backrest and arm rests. The two-inch thick padding on the seat and back make this product extra comfortable while its black faux leather upholstery gives it a sense of style without compromising on practicality.

#7 – Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

If you like to feel like you’re sitting in a race car, then this classic aeron desk chair by Herman Miller might just be what you’re looking for! This chair is extremely popular amongst the working professionals who spend long periods of time working from home due to it’s superior design, build quality and comfort. It provides an ultimate ergonomic experience when it comes to getting the correct posture when working at your desk, providing support for both the back and arms while also allowing unrestricted movement in all directions.

#6 – Clatina Ergonomic Big and Tall executive chair

The Clatina Ergonomic Big and Tall executive chair is a great choice for those who require extra back support. This chair is well known for providing the best experience whether you’re tall or short, as it has been designed to use your body weight to keep pressure off of your spine while also keeping you in an ergonomically correct position. You can adjust not only the height but also both its width and depth which provides extra comfort and better back support – something that shouldn’t be overlooked!

#5 – Steelcase Leap v2 Office Chair

The Leap v2 office chair is one of the most popular choices for those who are looking for a great desk chair without having to break the bank. Its ergonomic design has been refined over several years allowing it to maintain its position as one of the market leaders! It can be configured in infinite ways which means that you will have no problem finding the best fit, while its adjustable seat depth control helps support your lower back and provides better comfort levels across all working situations.

#4 – Ergochair Pro from Autonomous chair

Ergochair pro

If you like the idea of leaning back in your office chair, then this product might be perfect for you. This swivel chair allows you to recline up to 165 degrees which is great if you’re looking to take a quick break without having to leave your seat! Its adjustable seat height also allows users of all different heights and sizes to use it comfortably, while its mesh backing provides maximum airflow throughout the day – preventing heat build-up that can cause discomfort after long periods of time.

#3 – Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

This popular Steelcase office chair provides the same amazing ergonomic comfort that its Leap v2 counterpart does, except with a more modern design. It’s well known for helping to prevent things like back pain and tension headaches through its adjustable lumbar support that helps you maintain correct posture while also providing excellent lower back support. You can also adjust how high or low you want it, giving you complete control over your needs when working from home!

#2 – Haworth Fern Task Chair

This fern task chair is perfect for those of you looking for a stylish option at an affordable price. It’s available in five different colour choices, each one more eye catching than the next! You can adjust its arms, seat height and back all on the fly with ease which makes it great if you’re constantly switching between tasks throughout your day. The mesh backing provides maximum airflow so that you don’t feel too warm while working, which also helps prevent heat build-up after long periods of time.

#1 – Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Chair


The Embody Ergonomic chair is a well-known market leader in the office chair industry, and for good reason! It’s available in five different variants which each one offering their own unique benefits that can help improve your health and comfort while working from home over long periods of time. All the models are great to sit on but if you’re looking for a balance between style and function then we would recommend the black model as it provides a sleek look with all of the essentials needed to keep you comfortable throughout your day.


There you have it folks – our top 10 best ergonomic chairs for those who work from home! We hope this list will come in useful during your search for the perfect desk chair, as there are many factors to take into consideration before buying one! Thanks for reading and best of luck with whatever you choose to purchase!