Samsung 49-inch chg90 144hz curved gaming monitor review

Samsung 49-inch

Samsung has recently released a new gaming monitor that looks to be the end all be all of gaming monitors. Some people say that with it’s resolution of 3840×1080(wfhd) this is too much screen real estate, but I don’t see why you would want any less. With this type of set up you can have 2 or 3 windows open with ease!  This model has some great features including: 1800r curvature / 144hz refresh / 1ms response time / freesync 2!

These are three things gamers need in their life now, not later. The 1800r curvature radius gives you just enough bend to give you the wrap around feel right where your peripheral vision starts breaking off into the screen edges, while not being too much of an obtuse angle that you get sick. With the freesync 2 feature this eliminates tearing and stuttering during game play, so now playing your favorite games is smooth as butter. The 1ms response time is great for the hardcore competitive gamers out there who need to have everything working flawlessly so they can close in on victory!

Last but certainly not least I really like how Samsung put thought into their design with the stand. It swivels left right up down which is needed because most common pc setups are setup near a wall or just off center from where the couch will be(for me at least). Also it has built in speakers that are quality sound.

The only downside to this monitor is the price. At about $1400 it’s a steep drop from traditional retail but I’m sure you will think this purchase was worth it once you start using your new Samsung 49-inch chg90 144hz curved gaming monitor (lc49hg90dmnxza).

Samsung crg9 vs chg90, which one is the great buy?

Chg90 is indeed a better model, but if you are looking for the same size the crg9 should be your choice. Of course, there are some other small differences that make one better than the other, but in general these monitors are almost identical.

2 Samsung G9 49 Inch curved monitors
2 Samsung G9 49 Inch curved monitors

Both models have 1800r curvature – great for both productivity and gaming. They are 144hz compatible, which means they will work fine with any normal setup/setup you might want to play games on. 1ms response time is perfect for not only hardcore gaming but also even casual gamers who need fast reaction times so they don’t get pwned by their friends sitting next to them! They have built in speakers so no extra clutter behind your monitor or PC speakers needed.

And finally they have enough inputs to connect most PC setups with ease.

So what are the differences then? First of all there is the difference in size. Chg90 has 49″ screen while crg9 has 32″. 65″ is just way too big for my taste(most of the time), but if you are looking for something specific – either bigger or smaller – these two monitors will give it to you.

Second main difference is not so important, at least when it comes to gaming, and that is Freesync support on chg90 vs Gsync on crg9 . Nothing else! They have almost identical specs in general, which means both are great buys depending on what you want use your monitor for.

Samsung chg90 vs lg oled – which one is the best?

It’s a tough question, but we think that in general Samsung chg90 wins this fight based on features and specs these two monitors have.

If we start with size – 49″ for Samsung chg90 and 55″ for LG oled , it means you will get a lot more screen estate if you choose CHG90 over OLED . It comes at a cost, because of course OLED is much cheaper, but personally I always go with bigger screens rather than smaller ones.

It doesn’t really matter whether they are curved or flat(though some people might disagree) since these two models have 1800r curvature just like all other Samsung

monitors. Graphics are great, 144hz refresh rate is present on both models so no problems here. Response time – 1ms for chg90 and 0.1ms for OLED , so again nothing to worry about.

And finally input options – you will have enough of them! 4 HDMI, 2 USB ports(3.0), DisplayPort etc. No wonder Samsung crg9 won this fight – it comes with much better specs overall making the price difference less significant since these two are almost equal in terms of quality!

Samsung 32″ vs 49-inch gaming monitors showdown

49-inch gaming monitor is certainly a much bigger choice if you are looking not only for better display but also more screen estate for your games, movies or any other content you might want to watch on this monitor.

So what are the differences between these two models? Well, for example LG oled is not curved and it’s more expensive than Samsung chg90 . On the other hand it has better response time(0.1ms vs 1ms), but of course it couldn’t beat chg90 in input options department by offering only one HDMI port while crg9 has 4 of them. But if we look at prevailing opinion on some websites, like Reddit , oled display quality is often described as better than that of crg9 , however I can’t say if that would be true for me since I haven’t tried either of them myself.

How about the new 49 inch Samsung Neo G9 super ultra wide monitor?

Samsung Neog9 is a very interesting choice as well. We compared it with chg90  in this article , but let me summarize the main difference here. You will get a much bigger screen size(49″ vs 32″) and resolution(3840×1080 vs 2560×1080) from Neo G9 . It also has 100hz refresh rate, which might be important for you if you are into FPS games or just need really smooth performance from your monitor with fast reaction times! And finally it has Freesync support so definitely go with this one if you have AMD graphics card since crg9 only supports Gsync.

NEO g9 super monitor

On the other hand it lacks 4k display, which means lower display quality in general, and it also has slower response time(4ms vs 1ms), but that’s nothing unusual since 4k monitors are often much more expensive than FHD ones. So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to crg9  with big screen size, Samsung Neo G9 might be the best choice!


Samsung 49-inch chg90 144hz curved gaming monitor (lc49hg90dmnxza) is currently the best choice if you want to get rid of your small monitor, but keep in mind that it’s not cheap.

On the other hand 32-inch crg9 might be a better alternative if you are looking for something more affordable and don’t really need that much screen estate.

We hope this article was helpful and gave you enough information about all these models in order to make your final decision when choosing between 32″, 49″ and 65″ CHG90 series. But remember – there is no bad decision here since it’s all up to you and what you want use your new monitor for!