[Review] Monitor Stand from Dell (MFS18) – Innovative and compact

Dell monitor stand

DELL is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of computers. Let’s take a look at one of the more popular monitor stands from the brand, the Dell MFS18 Compact Micro Form Factor All-in-One Stand. We’ll be dabbing a bit on it and let’s see my favorite features first. And why we like them. 

What’s to like about Dell All-in-one monitor stand

Adjustable and flexible

You can enjoy two adjustable features with this Dell monitor stand- the height and angle of the tilt. It can also be swiveled or pivoted. So pretty much fully adjustable. You can swivel it 45 degrees in both directions. And it can be pivoted up to 90 degrees. So pretty much convenient.

It kind of combines the flexibility and adjustability of a monitor arm without the robot-like structure. You can also find that it might work similarly with the expensive Apple ProStand. And other units of Dell also function with the same flexibility such as the monitor stand base of the DEll 24 inch monitors. 

Smaller footprint

And it also won’t eat a huge chunk of space on your desktop. It’s rather compact. It’s easy to carry, should you want to transfer it to another desk. It has a retractable telescoping handle, and you normally don’t find this feature on other monitor stands. 

In terms of the compactness and the space that it consumes on your desk, it can be as convenient as the vertical stand from Dell. But this is way more stable. The vertical stand from DELL was really compact, maybe the most compact I’ve seen. But the stability was compromised. As for this All in one monitor stand, it’s small and compact, but it wouldn’t affect the stability of the monitor stand.

This is a perfect stand for Dell 9020 compact computer and Dell 27″ monitor, but it can also support 19” Dell UltraSharp and P Models. 

Impressive cable management system

Another feature that I love is the cable management system. It has slots where you can loop the cables through. And to conceal your chords fully, you can hide them inside a mesh-covered cable box. So instead of just attaching the cables close to the monitor with clips or velcro, it has a mesh cable cover that perfectly hides the cables. So the cable management system is a 10 for me.

Though I find most of the DELL monitor stands with decent cable management systems such as the dual monitor stand from the brand, this by far is the most organized. And the mesh cable makes up for a really neat and clean workspace. It’s like a cable management tray that you’d get from a quality sit-stand desk, only that it’s smaller. 

You might be wondering how the chassis will hold up on the monitor stand. Well, it does hold up pretty well. It has a Kensington lock and padlock that secures the chassis to the stand. So you don’t have to worry about it falling to the ground or sliding off.

Overall look

It’s neat, simple, sleek, and just plain organized! Rarely do you come across a monitor stand where you can also put the CPU at the back. I love the simplicity of the design. And I am also in love with ease and convenience. 


This monitor stand is simply innovative. The brand also boasts that it’s the world’s first zero-footprint PC. 

What could have been better

The plastic straps that hold the cables tend to bend the cables a bit. It’s a bit rough for the wires. Instead of using the rear plastic strips, you can use velcro instead 

The small cover at the back can only support and hold the monitor itself and a single USB.S o if you are connecting more gadgets, you might not be able to pop it in. It can use an internal power supply though, that could have made it more versatile. And I reckon, that’s why it’s called micro because of the said limitation.

This type of monitor stands often has limited compatibility. You might not be able to use it for some brands. This form factor monitor stand goes smoothly with a Dell Optiplex 7050 micro, DELL 27” P2717h LCD. But it can also support Dell UltraSharp and P-series monitors with Dell Quick Release and E-series VESA compliant monitors. 

Who is it for

If you are looking for a more cluttered free workstation, this all in one stand can be your best solution. You would not be disappointed with how it looks either. 

It also works best for those who have a basic work setup, meaning you don’t have too many gadgets connected to the monitor, Otherwise, the brand has a version that can accommodate more gadgets.

Other innovative monitor arms and stands

Since Innovation is king when it comes to the All in one stand, here are other monitor arms and stands that will also surprise you with its features.

  • Innovative Switch 9163-SWITCH-D-28 by Huma Solutions ($608)

If you’re looking for a monitor arm that can hold 6 monitors at a time, you must need this Human Solutions monitor arm.

It just doesn’t have a huge capacity, it’s also quite ergonomic too. Each monitor, all 6, can be repositioned vertically or horizontally. You can also tilt, swivel, or pivot them independently. With a huge capacity, you might think that you’ll just be able to adjust them in one position. But each of the arms can be adjusted independently 

And should you need a more basic setup, it’s easy to convert it to a quadruple, triple, or dual monitor setup. 

This monitor arm is ideal for those who work with multiple monitors and is in dire need of some organization. It’s also a sweet buy with its 10-year warranty.

  • Ella monitor arm by Innovative($308.99)

Gorgeous is the first word that you’ll be able to utter once you set eyes on the Ella monitor arm. It just looks stunning. It’s all white, sturdy, and looks well built. 

It has a lever at the base where you can softly pull to change the tilt, height, and angle of the monitor. You can also view your desktop in a vertical or horizontal position. And you don’t need to drill holes into your desk, it has a clamp-on system. 

It’s very ergonomic and for me, it’s also one of the most gorgeous monitor arms I’ve seen in a while. 

  • Olin monitor arm by Herman Miller ( $265)

This monitor arm is probably the first of its kind. It can accommodate curved monitors without any issues. This monitor is capable of a full weight spectrum. And I think that would be the first in the market.

It has smooth articulation and the monitors can be repositioned very easily. You can also reposition it for a more intuitive touch screen experience. And another aspect that I love is that it has integrated cable management, akin to what a sit-stand desk has. 

If the All in one monitor stand from DELL has the ports and parts of the cables covered with a mesh box, this monitor takes it a notch higher by having its own cable box. 

Herman Miller also has a dual monitor arm model of this innovative arm. 

  • Wishbone Monitor arm by Herman Miller ($205)

The Wishbone monitor may look sleek and simple. But this small number can adjust to your evolving needs. Form one monitor, it features a pole like structure where you can add up an arm as your need for more monitors arises. Yet, it still looks clean, sleek, and gorgeous. Well, you can expect nothing less from a premium brand!

It’s easy to reposition your monitor to either portrait and landscape. And it’s heavy-duty too as each arm can support a 24 kg monitor.

If you’d be interested, this monitor stand is also one of the first that was designed for flat screen monitors. 

Final Say

The Dell MFS18 Compact Micro Form Factor All-in-One Stand is an innovation designed to make a clutter-free workstation. You will find it valuable if it can accommodate your monitors.