Top 6 Must have PC Gaming Accessories in 2021: Amp UP Your Gaming Setup

PC Gaming accessories

If you want to invest more in your gaming setup, there’s no better way than to bulk it up with useful and unique gaming accessories. These nifty products can not only amp up your gaming experience, but it can also make your setup look more impressive. Check out my top recommendations. 

Iron Man MK45 MSI Pro 

This is by far, is the very first life-size, 1 :1 case model. And I must say that this case totally blew me away. It looks like a real replica of the suit that Ironman wore in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. It looked like Ironman’s armory emptied out and stuffed with a PC inside. Well,that’s more like that since  it’s equipped with an MSI PC inside.

Iron Man MK45 MSI Pro

In addition, the case is 3D printed This is going to be a huge collectible item for Avenger and Ironman fans. 

It’s going to be a serious and big upgrade from your old computer. I must say that it has very detailed parts and can even be mistaken for the actual suit used in the movie. Moreover, you can clearly see all the parts from the outside. It also has a lighted interior and the back is rainbow illuminated. 

And it’s not just the case that’s a high end, even the specs are. So if you’re going to splurge, you can go all the way with this. 

One of the cons, however, you need a rather big space for this big guy. That’s why those who are collecting Iron Man and Avenger items will most likely be the ones buying this ultra-cool case. But this can be an ultimate upgrade to welcome the new year. 


  • MSI predator
  • Intel i7-5820K processor
  • MSI X99A XPOWER Gaming Titanium mainboard.
  • NVIDIA GTX 1080 with 8 GB VRAM
  • ZADAK 511, a 240 GB SHIELD RGB
  • Thermaltake Toughpower SFX 600W PSU 

Wireless gaming mouse charging pad from LOGITECH

It’s sleek, it’s black, and it’s very innovative. This mouse charging pad is really something else. 

One of the nuisances of using a wireless mouse is that you have to ensure it has enough fuel. Otherwise, you might have to stop playing and charge it while you’re in the middle of a bloody game. Or use it as a wired mouse. You might also have tons of batteries in your drawer waiting for disposal. If you are tired of doing any of those I mentioned above, you need this accessory this year.

This charging pad lets you charge your wireless mouse while you’re still playing a game. And it can complete your wireless setup. You don’t need to stock up on batteries. So it might save you money in the long run too. 

POWERPLAY charging

The downside, however, this charging pad is only compatible with a Logitech G703 and G903. So that’s quite a lot of limitations, but if you own one of the abovementioned mice, this charging pad will make your gaming life easier. 


  • Comes in two surface options- soft or hard
  • Equipped with Logitech Powerplay innovation

Razer Nommo Chroma speakers

Nothing can immerse you better in a game than full solid sounds. These bad boys are made of woven glass fiber drivers so it can produce full range sounds. And if you are a gamer and couch potato in one, you will love this. It’s a must-have for your weekly movie marathons.

One of the best features of this sleek speaker is that you can adjust the bass levels of the sound. It also has impressive LED lighting at the base. And you can even customize the LED lighting settings. Though you might not be able to appreciate it fully if you won’t have a reflective mat or desk to place the speakers on.

One of the downsides, however, is that it is wired. It doesn’t offer any wireless function. Perhaps connectivity via a USB will make these speakers more valuable and versatile. And if I am going to compare the specs, you’re really paying more for the impressive LED lights show rather than the sounds. 

So it’s perfect for those who are a sucker for their LED lights. But if you are not the fancy LED type of gamer, you might be able to find cheaper alternatives that can provide the same impressive sounds with customizable bass sounds. 


  • Fiberglass drivers
  • All plastic black exterior
  • 3 mm cylindrical speakers
  • Customizable LED lights via a Razer Synapse software

Techole HDMI Switch 4K

You will be able to connect two HDMI sources to one HDMI display. So it’s easy to hover from your Xbox to your PC.Or to swap signals between two TV displays. 

This might seem like a not so fancy gaming accessory but it can make your life, err play, much more convenient. You can swap signals with just a touch of a button. And you have the LED light indicator for that one. 

What I noticed when compared to other HDMI switches, this one won’t cause distorted displays or loss of picture. It will not affect the video quality. It’s also quite versatile and you can use it with any device with an HDMI interface. 

 The downside, however, is that it does not come with an HDMI cable. So you can get more value from this if you already have a spare one. And do take note that you can’t display two screens at a time. 


  • Aluminum alloy exterior
  • Doesn’t need any external power supply
  • Max input and output cable of 5 meters each
  • 10.2Gbps data transmission for input and output
  • Needs 2.0 HDMI cables for the connection

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee

If you are tired of always dragging your mouse while playing an intense game, you need a bungee. If you’re using a wired mouse, you will find this very convenient. 

This accessory can secure the cable of your mouse. It’s so neat and clean to look at. And there won’t be any cables to distract you from your game. You don’t even have to plan on where you’re going to position the mouse so it won’t get in your way.

The entire look of this accessory is also game worthy. It can level up your excitement while playing. I also find this bungee more efficient in keeping the cord and cables organized. Also, if you have a standard looking mouse, this is a nice way to dress it up. So you no longer need to buy a new mouse. 

It’s also well weighted and bottom heavy. So you won’t easily knock it from your desk. It can make you feel like you’re using a wireless mouse but you aren’t. So this is a really nice addition to your wired gaming desk setup. 


  • Rust-resistant spring arm
  • Weighted base

J+S Vision blue light shield computer glasses

2020 taught us to take better care of our health. For it can be the only one we’re going to be left with. So if you’re playing for long hours, you have to take better care of your eyes. All the glare and blue light can catch up with you later in life.

These blue light shield glasses can help you take better care of your eyes. It might not look as fancy as an RGB light or a steampunk mouse, but it is very essential. These glasses can help filter out the harmful blue light coming from the screen. So if you’ve been having tired eyes and headaches from gaming, you need this. 

And if you’re not yet experiencing eye strain and headaches, don’t wait for it. Better to be proactive and protect your peepers as early as now. With continuous gaming, it can and it will catch up on you. 

What sets these glasses apart is that these won’t cause distorted images. Some gamers shun at computer glasses because it blurs out the image and that will be such a bummer. These computer glasses will give our eyes the needed protection without compromising the image quality.

Do take note that for some people, your eyes might need to adjust a bit. It’s normal to experience a slight headache for the first few days if it’s your first time to wear glasses. 


  • Can block 90 % of harmful blue light
  • Low color lens
  • Rectangular unisex frame


These hot gaming accessories can make your gaming setup this year more elaborate. Not to mention, it can make you more comfortable too.