Recent Developments and Innovations in Standing Desk Technology

Talking about how technology has been making waves recently in all segment of lives, it has proven itself to be a perfect substitute for all forms of manpower. Its uses cannot be underemphasized in every daily activity ranging from homes to workplaces. It is, therefore, a fast pace operational module which is deeply explored to transform even the little things around us so as to bring comfortability, creativity, and maximum productivity everywhere.

Innovations in stand desk technology

Innovations in the market of the standing desk is a recent hit with the increase in awareness about the possible harm that can happen to people living a sedentary lifestyle. There is, therefore, an increasing order for desks that fit much different work style. All thanks to technology. we can sustain our healthy lifestyle when working tirelessly at home or in our various workplaces.

There are vast collections of these desks which are available for all age ranges. It ranges from babies-friendly playhouses, kid’s workstation to office furniture that allow employees to move around while working. Some are even specially designed with improved features to help beyond simply getting employees out of their seat. Recent designs in these desks encourage additional fitness.

These desks are often thought of as an office innovation but the fascinating part is that many brands are introducing this innovation to schools which promotes healthy habits at a young age to kids. Introducing them at an early age helps children to relax out of their seat for a portion of the day and cultivate a work while standing habit which is good to build a good posture.

Below is a quick review of different innovations in the market for standing desk technology;

The ZestDesk

This desk is specially designed for workaholics. Apart from being lightweight, it is also easy to adjust. ZestDesk allows you to convert any regular table into a standing desk in 30 seconds. It is the perfect pick to use whether you are working at home or in the office. Have you been considering how to become a student or worker of high standing? Working on your feet might be the first step, this is an opportunity to practice working on while standing. It is even healthier than sitting for long hours. ZestDesk peculiarity cannot be disjointed from the fact that it allows you to convert old tables into standing desks. It is simple to set up and doesn’t require special tools or professional skills. It is also very durable and portable to move around.

Ergonomic Standing Desk

These desks came into limelight with its own unique feature. It has a modular design which makes it fit for any height to use with a total of 100 different possible arrangements.

The Perch desk is made of multiple kinds of wood, to form a shelve with a strip of frames at varying levels. The desk fittings at edges do not have bolts or screws which allows multiple users at a time.

With this desk, users can place the computer monitor at eye level and have the mouse below the shoulder which gives an optimum comfort. These desks are not just of recent, but taking electricity and bolts at the edges for fittings increases the desk functionality and make their design superb.

The Altwork Working Station

The Altwork Station is one of the specially designed desks for the sedentary lifestyle addict. It is equipped with an easy to adjust levers that allow users to control working positions. In response to finding long-lasting befitting solution to the universal problem that sitting at a desk is actually really harmful to your health, they took it to the next level by innovating a desk which includes an ergonomic chair, a tiny desk and a massive monitor stand which allow users to sit, stand or lean. They were designed all in order to ensure physically comfortability and productivity.

These desks are many but this working station is different. In addition to all these enthralling features is a tiny desk-mounted control which can be used to control all possible Altwork Station’s positions electronically. Undoubtedly the standing desk is a perfect pick for an office health and an incomparable substitute to regular desks and chairs. There are also additional stands and attachments which can be integrated to the desk.

The ‘Wurf Board’

This is an entirely different innovation in the market of the standing desk. As running on hard surfaces like concrete is bad for the back, standing on hard surfaces all day is bad for health. Most cases of fainting recorded can be attributed to standing for long hours. These desks are superb for helping to eradicate the harmful consequences of sitting all day. Wurf board is also great as an alternative to standing.

The Wurf board JumpSport works by providing users with a mat to stand on, it can be inflated or deflated to perfectly balance your weight. The ‘Wurf Board’ by JumpSport allow users to shift and change positions without hindrance. This is a nice feature which can be attached to Altwork stations to cater to your sedentary lifestyle as it makes an ergonomic desk even more amazing.


A standing desk with fascinating incomparable features. Smartdesk is an adjustable, comfortable stand desk with 300ib lifting capacity.

Apart from being a wise choice of over 120000 companies from all over the world, Smartdesk provides users with all necessary tools including a five-year warranty which certifies you can depend on it for a long time. It can be used at home and offices, definitely a wise pick to ensure an office health.


Keeping a balance between a healthy lifestyle and your work is a good spirit of workmanship. It is of no doubt technology has been working all around the clock to ensure mankind is provided with a facile, quick and reliable method of doing things best. In response to handling the universal challenge faced by employees in the different work environment, Innovations in stand desk technology is necessary to maintain a healthy office lifestyle.