Do You Have a Smart Office_ Here Is How To Setup One

“Oh, I love smart kids”, “this outing is casual, just wear anything smart”. These days, the atmosphere is filled with love for anything that is called “smart”. Anyway, it is expedient that things be done better, smarter and in a more productive way. This is why an innovation such as a smart office cannot be over-emphasized.

Smart office

Over the years, there has been a continuous breakthrough in science and technology, and this has led to an improvement in transportation; communication; food and health; education; and so on. These remarkable technological advancements have done quite a lot to our lives, family, health, and work.

The primary aim of every company is to achieve optimum productivity. However, this is hinged on the performance of employees and companies are willing to go all the way to get their employees to perform optimally.

One of the ways they do this is to make the work environment of employees to be as serene and equipped as possible. In fact, some employers go to the extent of making snacks and soft drinks readily and regularly available in the offices of employees. They also put up other things like air-conditioner, air-freshener, etc, just to make the employees feel comfortable at work and to also help to boost their productivity.

The issue with this is that there are still some things that these basic provisions can’t take away. For example, employees occasionally have to alternate between standing and sitting as they go about their work. Unfortunately, repeatedly alternating between standing and sitting can affect not only the performance of employees but also their health.

It is very easy to be negligent of this but wouldn’t it be better if technology can develop something that will put this in check? Good news, however, is that technology has found a way to control this reflex activity among employees.

Qualities of a Smart Office

A smart office, basically, is designed with some factors in view. Here is a list of criteria that a smart office should satisfy.

1. Employee Behavior and Need

This is very important in building a smart office. What are the things that attract and motivate employees to do better? What kind of a chair or desk would they naturally flow with? This is foremost because employees are the driving force of a company’s success. Therefore, it is important to fill their offices with such things.

2. Activities in the Office

The prominent activities in an office should also determine the design of the office. For example, if the duty of an employee in an office is to make conference calls at specific times, then there should be a device that can alert them when it’s time to make them. This would be better than spending useful time and energy writing out the day’s to-do list.

3. New Technological Discoveries

What would a smart office look like without the necessary technology to support it. It would all be nothing but dreams. Indeed, smart offices are only possible because of the technological advancements in the world today. For example, if you use an Android phone, you should be familiar with the voice command prompt “Ok Google”. Rather than typing to search, you can say it. That’s how far technology has taken humanity!

4. Innovative Thinking

A smart office is a product of innovative thinking. It is not enough to know the behavioral pattern and need of employees, or the services to be offered, or the prevalent activities in the office, or to be abreast of the current trend in technology, but it is expedient to be able to creatively put all these into something worthwhile.

Common Examples of what should be in a Smart Office

Are you already imagining what a smart office should look like or what it should contain? You can hold on a bit because you are going to be swayed by what you see in the list below.

1. Modern Technology Office Chairs

These are chairs that can be adjusted to enhance the spine health, blood circulation and productivity of employees. A common example is Autonomous Ergochair 2.

Autonomous Ergochair 2

Autonomous is a leading company that specializes in the making of chairs. Their office-chair technology is driven towards making workers more efficient and productive. It also helps to reduce stress and discomfort that may arise from using ordinary chairs. This chair is designed with you in mind. It ensures that everything that will enhance your spine health and comfort is put in place.

Ergochair 2 Evergreen

The ergonomic chair employs the latest technology and is adjustable to adapt your body’s needs. It has a tilting technology, making it possible to adjust it to any angle and in multiple directions. Therefore, you can adjust the seat to suit whatever posture you want to assume. Interestingly, it has a feature that helps keep you cool even in the hottest periods of the year. If you’re really stressed, you can enjoy a nap by adjusting the chair too.

2. Voice-Enabling Commands in the Office.

This is one interesting feature that can be incorporated in a smart office. Imagine if there are devices that are programmed to perform certain tasks and all you have to do is command it. This is a great way to make a smart office! Voice-enable the office in such a way that employees can make commands and it will be done instantly. For example, “connect with video conference at Los Angeles”.

3. Using Smart Desks

Smart desks are technologically designed to perform specific tasks. For example, there is a desk that monitors employees’ stand-sit movements and shows them the statistics. In fact, some of them can even make it more fun by creating a kind of competition between offices and giving statistics to show who managed their sit-stand alternation well.

This is very important to both the health and productivity of employees. Therefore, smart desks that perform such useful functions should be used in offices for optimal productivity. Autonomous also makes an outstanding smart desk to improve your workspace experience.


Really, one could feel content with the way life is now. It all seems like we have the best of things we could ever need. Notwithstanding, you can be smarter! Take the initiative toward designing smart offices for employees in your company