Apple ProStand Monitor Stand & Top 6 Best Alternatives for you

Apple ProStand review monitor stand

Apple is known for its expensive and premium computers and laptops. But everyone cries injustice with its monitor stand, the Prostand. Even apple fanatics find this piece too costly. We know that you can expect a high price tag when you buy Apple products. But let’s see if this is justified.

Mac ProStand & The Pros of the best Apple Monitor Stand 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s see what the brand has to say about its overwhelming price tag. 

  • Apple banks on the feeling of weightlessness. The brand said that the ProStand was intricately engineered and counterbalances the display so that it feels weightless. 
  • The ProStand has both angle and height adjustments.
  • It has magnetic quick attachment mechanisms. So that makes this stand portable. You can bring it with you and mount your monitors whenever you need to.
  • It’s no doubt a sleek and luxurious piece. 
  • It can complement your Mac monitors.
  • It screams premium. And not all can afford this luxurious piece. So you can be one of the few who can have one in your workstation. 

Is the 1000 grand cost justified?

It costs more than an iPhone, right? And the ProStand has very standard tilt features. It’s almost the same that you’ll see in an Ergotron and Ergotec monitor arms and VIVO monitor stands.

It does look ultra luxurious and sleek. And it will definitely complement your Apple monitors. But the ridiculously high price tag doesn’t seem to fully justify everything. Even the separate VESA mount of the brand is also priced way higher than what you can buy from other brands.

Looking back, this may have something to do with how Apple markets all of its accessories. Accessories such as the Apple watch bands, pencil, and keyboards tend to have a really high price tag. This may be justified by the brand since its target market is the premium and the high-end buyers. But Prostand takes the tier of the highest priced accessories for a monitor. 

Apple ProStand review

The ProStand seemed to combine the flexibility of a monitor arm and the minimalist style of a monitor stand. Though it’s a unique product that can be the first of its kind, the price tag is way too far. The sleekness and the elegance of the ProStand may warrant a premium pierce, but not as premium as its existing tag.

Top 6 Alternatives to the Apple ProStand monitor stand

So here are great alternatives to the ProStand. This list is a combination of monitor stands with hubs, a turntable, and monitor arms. I am going to list some of the best brands that you can use both for your PC and Mac.

 Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub ($89.99)

The Satechi monitor stand has a silver finish that looks quite similar to the ProStand. But since it’s a stand hub, it looks less sleek. But if we are going to compare it to other monitor stand hubs in the market, this brand looks rather sleek.

It can raise your monitors at a decent level. And it’s more than just a monitor stand. It boasts of USB ports where you can plug in your devices. So that’s convenience and value. It also has SD readers where you can backup our files. So you don’t need to buy a hub, this unit has a built-in one. And you have easy access to the ports since all of them would be located in front.

This unit can hold a 27” Mac monitor. Though some may find it too lightweight for its weight capacity, it still works well.


  • It’s at a perfect height
  • Looks sleek 
  • Has built-in hub


  • Not height adjustable

Twelve South High Rise ($ 169.95)

This unit can be adjusted in six ways and can accommodate your Apple monitors. It boasts of a metal L shaped desk stand. So this perfectly accommodates bigger iMac monitors or those with L shaped stands.  

In addition, it has hidden storage too. It has ample space for your hard drives, earphones, and other personal items. It’s also stable and sturdy. The silver metal finish of the unit also complements your Apple monitors.

The brand also has great customer service and the product was neatly packaged. Another great feature is that the front and the back are connected via magnets. So it’s easy to pull them apart should you need to pass the cables.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Height adjustable in 6 positions
  • Has hidden storage
  • Looks classy


  • Some find the screws too small

Rain Design i360 ($35)

This unit is rather unique. It can be a monitor stand and it’s more popularly referred to as a turntable. If you need your iMac monitors to swivel, this is a great option.

You can adjust the viewing angle of your iMac with the touch of a button. And it allows you to connect all the backports easily. In addition, this turntable can support iMac 24”-27” in width. 

The base of the iMac fits securely in the slot. The entire unit feels robust and steady. It can hold pretty well. And the turning feature requires just a little pressure. In addition, the overall look is also pleasing. It matches the elegant finish of your iMac. 

The Rain Design allows you to turn your monitor in any directions that you wish. 


  • Elegant and sleek
  • Can be rotated to any direction
  • Perfectly supports your iMac


  • The droplet logo is a bit big

Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Arm ( $135.78)

It has a 360-degree pan rotation, height adjustable pole, and has tilt options. This monitor arm is quite flexible. And the pole is quite tall so you have a broad range of options. 

If we’re going to compare it to the ProStand, it almost functions the same. Except that this is a monitor arm and the Prostand is well a stand. So this unit will have arms that you can pull in and push back. Though the ProStand is sleeker and more elegant. 

The Ergotron is also solid and stable. And it won’t have any problems holding up your 27” Apple Thunderbolt monitor. 


  • Highly flexible
  • Can be rotated, tilted, and is height adjustable
  • Stable and sturdy


  • Not that elegant looking

Jarvis Monitor arm ($99)

The Jarvis monitor arm is one of the well-liked monitor arms in the market right now. And it’s for a very good reason. From the first encounter, Fully Jarvis monitor arms look sleek and elegant. But it comes in a black color so might not fully complement your Apple monitors. But it sure can be very functional.

It‘s quite sturdy and stable. And like the ProStand, you can tilt it and rotate it to 180”, perfect for viewing vertical charts or chat rooms. 

Some may find the unit heavy. So if you do, just ask someone to help you mount it on your desk. Because you need to make sure that all the screws are properly aligned and tightened so that you can maximize its function.

It’s heavy-duty and can support up to 32” monitors so long as they are VESA compatible. So even a larger monitor and equipment are secure. This monitor arm really holds up pretty well. 


  • Sturdy and stable
  • Highly flexible and adjustable
  • Heavy duty


  • Not sleek

Humanscale M8.1 ($262.99)

This aluminum polished monitor arm would look great with your Apple monitors. And it has a more premium function compared to other monitor arms. It has a counterbalance indicator that lets users modify the rotation of the arms. This is also one of the features that the ProStand possesses. 

You can also easily adjust, reposition and tilt your monitors, akin to a weightlessness adjustment. It has a nearly all-metal construction so you can expect it to be heavy duty. yet It still looks sleek and classy. 

I also love how well the cable management system is built. The cables and cords will be pretty hidden. It has one of the best cord management systems you can find in a monitor arm


  • Robust and snug fit
  • Classy and polished design
  • Can be easily repositioned and adjusted
  • Has a counterbalance indicator


  • Some YouTube demos don’t match the products

Final say

It’s something to be able to buy an Apple ProStand, if you have the luxury to splurge, then go ahead and it functions great as well. But most users will cringe at the steep price. Even Apple lovers. So in lieu of the Apple ProStand, there are amazing monitor arms and stands that you can mount your Apple monitors on.