In the business world and in every workplace today, technology has come to transform and it has come to stay. Therefore, it is seemingly not anymore a unique or special thing to be tech inclined. Being tech-savvy is now common in every workspaces and while some people venture into it out of interest, some do because of professional necessities. However, irrespective of interest or professional discipline, fundamental information technology skill is something everyone in each workspace must have in the present time at least to a certain degree.

A wider view of Information Technology skills

It is important to note that some particular tech skills are in higher demand than others in the marketplace and it would likely grow as tech inclined products and needs continue to rise. However, these tech skills are indispensable and the good point is that they can be learned either by self-training, online tutorials, formal training and several other means. Interestingly, having a sound knowledge of these skills can be integrated at every work level and in different industrial sphere.

Tech skills are indispensable

Even as technology is getting more vital at every die and wake of time, its importance is definitely not diminishing. Thus, with the rate of change in the workplace today, employees need to grow and evolve in the same pace so as to achieve maximum effectiveness and productivity. One big leap into aligning perfectly with this shifts in the workplace today is to get armed with the essential technology skills which are must have for everyone.

Here are top 6 tech skills to brace yourself with especially for the coming decades

  1. Spreadsheet

As boring as making spreadsheets may seem, it is an important skill many companies look for in employees. According to Bob Myhal, the CEO of NextHire, proficiency with Microsoft Excel and the ability to create and use pivot tables is one of the leading tech skills in high demand. Representing data and metrics on spreadsheets is a very crucial process in every workplace as it is essential in measuring progress or growth of the company. Irrespective of the sector you are working in, you will definitely need to put up either research data, reports or store calculations. If using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets seem quite like an obstacle, you have got to get over it by learning it today.

  1. Database Management

Storing large chunks of data in the workplace today is now easy and inexpensive with technology. This is the more reason why this data along with several other statistical figures are being exploited to make important market predictions or enhance business strategies. However, getting through with this requires the expertise of database expert and if you have solid experience with SQL or Oracle, you would definitely be a top pick for many companies.

  1. Troubleshooting

Being able to troubleshoot your own technical difficulties is one of the tech traits most employers want in employees. In fact, this is one of the things many employees consider before recruiting someone as it implies such recruit can think decisively and creatively and can source solution without having to burden anyone. The CEO of FlexJobs, Sarah Sutton Fell consider being able to troubleshoot on your own a big advantage in getting hired and considers it a solution to avoiding common tech issues before they swell up. Therefore, it is of utmost essence that you are equipped with troubleshooting skills as it can help at your workplace and give you a great edge or advantage over several other people.

  1. Wireless Technology

For many hiring personnel, having experience in the wireless technology is gradually getting to be one of their top must-have skills a person must have before recruiting. It is important to know that the market for this tech feature is increasingly moving up popular every day. Wireless technology has been found to improve productivity by allowing employees to share and access information on the move; it has also made available a lot of opportunities for companies to acquire more profits and improve their sales channel. Therefore, being versed in this tech aspect would be of utmost priority in most workplaces as it would have a direct effect on improving profits and expanding productivity.

  1. Social Media

Being social media-savvy is important for every employee in the workplace today irrespective of their roles or area of specializations. Social media is a great tool in driving market interactions and bringing brands to public awareness easily and very fast. Online platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and many more are effective places to share and access information, and to encourage participation with clients and prospects. Being equipped with the ability to navigate through social media platforms and communities is as such a vital skill being sought after in most workplaces today. The interesting thing is that it would serve to benefit both the company and you both at the short and long run.

  1. Cybersecurity

As things are increasingly going digital, concerns about the security of things kept in the cyberspace and internet is also heightening. Customers need to be assured of the company’s security posture and firewalls are being strengthened to prevent attacks from cyberattacks. This skillset is of utmost importance because hackers depend on their penetration skills as well as regular mistakes in the firewall of a company’s security system. Even as specialized as this cybersecurity skill is, it is a skill that an average employee at the workplace should be experienced in. As such, with firewall and data leak management skills which are essential skillsets in cybersecurity, data privacy and strong security measures can be achieved in every workplaces

With the expanding pace of how technology is dominating every sectors today, priority demand is therefore pressed on every workplace to bring its use to the peak level. Skills mainly based on human efforts are now being replaced by tech skills which are the drivers of notable feats in the world today. Their demand is therefore on the rise and developing these skills is the best way to making every workplaces function effectively.